Data Import for Union County Georgia

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Union County Georgia

Short Description:
Union County Georgia made part of the data public domain - out of that data the building footprints were most applicable to OpenStreetMap.

Data Description
The data consists of a shapefile with 27675 polygons. They were collected from Aerial Photography. Data already has address information attached to it in the form of:

  • Number
  • Street
  • Street Suffix
  • City and Zip were added after a discussion with the GIS Department.
  • Data was delivered in projection of ESRI:102667

Conversion Plan: Data will be converted to OSM. Street and Street Suffix will be combined. Fields will be matched to:

  • Address:housenumber
  • address:street
  • Address:city
  • Address:zipcode
  • Address:State will be added.

Buildings can also be further broken out into residential and commercial due to some attribution by the GIS department.

Data Upload:

  • Union County has been devided up into 83 grids of 2 square miles apiece. Data will be uploaded manually in JOSM by grid and checked against features in OSM. *An attempt will be made to contact any local active OSM mappers to let them now what is going to occur.
  • The two smallest grids will be uploaded first to check for any errors. Any errors will revert in a revert of the changeset.
  • There is a tremendous amount of bad landcover/tiger/nhd in the county - that will be cleaned up as the import continues.

Data: Shapefile data - ESRI:102667 (Georgia West NAD83 Feet)
OSM File: Converted with OGR2OSM

OSM Community:

  • During this upload I will be attempting to engage the local community to become more active. The GIS Department has shown interest and releasing this data is a huge step.