Data working group/Guidelines for responsible mapping

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This is a draft for a set of Guidelines which will be used by the Data Working Group when deciding whether to revet changes and/or take action against mappers. It is pending discussion in the Data Working Group.

  • On the ground rule (see Disputes) - does not mean that everything that is mapped has to be on the ground, but when a dispute arises, what is on the ground has precedence.
  • No requirement for absolute precision - it is allowed to map something "approximately" where it is if more precise information is not available.
  • ...

Colloquially (from IRC):

  • rule number 1: "don't be a dick"
  • rule number 2: "what's on the ground is right"
  • rule number 3: "when in doubt, a verifiable solution is better than a subjective one"
  • rule number 4: "local mappers know better than remote ones, in general"