Des Plaines, Illinois

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Des Plaines, Illinois

latitude: 42.0416, longitude: -87.8874
Browse map of Des Plaines 42°02′29.76″ N, 87°53′14.64″ W
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Des Plaines is a town in Illinois at latitude 42°02′29.76″ North, longitude 87°53′14.64″ West.

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List of things to be done in Des Plaines

  • TIGER cleanup
  • Parks
  • sidewalks?
  • bus routes
  • POI's
  • Highway relations

Des Plaines is a member of the GIS Consortium. On this website there is an extremely detailed map of roads, buildings, water, addresses, etc. It would be great to be able to use this data in OSM. I sent Jon Duddles ( an email in January 2009, and again in 2010 but there has been no response. Alexrudd


There are 58 parks and facilities in the Des Plaines Park District. A listing of them can be found here (PDF). All of them should have already been imported as nodes by the GNIS imports, but they should be made into areas. Also, extras like swimming pools, sports fields, and buildings need to be added.

Facility name Area Extras
Administrative and Leisure Center
Algonquin & Forest Schools
Apache Park yes
Arndt Park yes
Blackhawk Park yes
Bluett Park yes
Central Park yes
Central School no
Cherokee Park yes
Cheyenne Park both
Chippewa Park & Pool yes
Cornell Park yes
Craig Manor Park yes
Cumberland Terrace yes
Des Plaines Manor Park yes
DiMucci-Lowenberg both
Eaton Field (name?) yes
Garden Plots
Hawaii Park yes
Hoffman Park yes
Hoffman Triangle
Horseshoe Court
Iroquois Park & Pool
Jaycee Park yes
Kiwanis Park yes
Kutchen Park yes
Kylemore Greens
Lake Park yes
Main West High School
McKay Nealis Park yes
Menominee Park no
Mohawk Park
Mountain View Adventure Center
North Gulf Cul de Sac yes
North School
Northshire yes
Orchard Court yes
Orchard Place School
Plainfield School
Prairie Lakes Community Center
Prairie Terrace
Potowatomi yes
Rand Park / Mystic Waters
Seminole Park
Sioux Park yes
South Golf Cul de Sac yes
South School
Terrace School
Teton Park yes
Tomahawk Park yes
West Park yes
Westfield Gardens
Willow Park yes
Winnebago Park yes
Woodlawn Park yes
Yale Court yes
Golf Center Des Plaines
Des Plaines History Center

Bus Routes

Number Relation Name
Route 209 relation 1120669 Busse Highway
Route 234 relation 1122360 Wheeling - Des Plaines
Route 221 relation 0 Wolf Road
Route 223 relation 0 Elk Grove - Rosemont CTA Station
Route 226 relation 1128443 Oakton Street
Route 208 relation 0 Golf Road
Route 230 relation 1102328 South Des Plaines
Route 250 relation 0 Dempster Street
Route 272 relation 0 Golf Mill-Westfield Shoppingtwn Hawthorne-Milw Ave
Route 606 relation 0 Northwest Limited