Developing Country Infrastructure

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This page is to aggregate issues and approaches to tagging infrastructure in developing countries.

Active Questions

  • How to tag a fence of dry bushes laid on the ground to protect from animals? Particularly in northern Kenya it's common to fence the enclosure where animals stay at night, as well as the entire enclosure for a family/families, that way. Hedge refers more to planted living bushes. Perhaps barrier=dry_bushes?
  • I'd also suggest to add the intermittent tag to the HOT presets for rivers and streams. Virtually all rivers and streams in northern Kenya are intermittent. Possibly combine the preset with the seasonal tag.
  • Lastly I'd suggest a consensus on when to use highway=track or highway=residential within villages. In small villages where the "road" is more of a track, only suitable for 4WD's, then it feels more logical using track even within residential areas. It makes it stand out from "real roads".


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