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Digital Egypt, founded in 2011, specializes in GIS data and surveying. In 2019, Digital Egypt will start a project in Egypt to improve the accuracy of the maps, add missing road names and geocodes. Our mission is the make the Egypt OSM maps on of the most accurate and detailed in the world.

We look forward to working closely with editors in Egypt, and are looking forward to suggestions from the OSM community.

We have thoroughly read the local policies at and will be closely following them.

We will continuously update this page as required by adding new team members and other information.

Previous Projects:

  • Digital Egypt has worked on, and completed, a detailed mapping project in Egypt titled "Egypt 2019 2020 DE Project", where over 2.5 million addresses were added, and new roads were drawn along with turn by turn tags. Currently Egypt is in the maintenance phase, see current projects below.

Current Projects:

Current Team Members:

Username Link Status
mego_map Active
Amr@Gis Active
Gisolic Active
ashs_as Active
nona mostafa Active
little_maper Active
Princess_Aurora Active
GISH_ElAseel Active
Sara Qasem Active
emo_sami Active
salma_z Active
Eman_Mehrez Active
alyaa_hossam Active
Eslam_Elsayed Active
Abdelrahman_mahmoud Active
Eman Ghareeb Active
Amany_Ahmed Active
mahmoud_eltorky Active
Merna_mahmoud Active
Nour Ayman Active
shahenda_ahmed Active
Aya Samir Active
Yasmeen_Harby Inactive
cielo hermoso Inactive
nour_saeed Inactive
maher_elgammal Inactive
khaled_Loll Inactive
Eslam_Fasih Inactive
Ola_Alaa Inactive
abdelhamed993 Inactive
shimaa_magdy Inactive
Mai_Sabry Inactive
Sabah_Elmahmoudy Inactive
Mona_Younis Inactive
D_E15 Inactive


Please reach out to us at

Facebook Group: