Digitize the Planet e.V.

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Logo Digitize the Planet e.V.

Digitize the Planet e.V. is a registered nonprofit association based in Germany, established in 2020. The association aims to collect and digitize all information about regulations for behavior in nature. This includes both laws and regulations, as well as local rules. The collected data is made available by the association as Open Data.

Contribution to OSM

The representation of relevant nature protection data in OSM is one of the core concerns of Digitize the Planet. In this regard, initial foundations have already been established through extensive discussions with the OSM community.

Furthermore, the association is working in coordination with the community on the conception and development of a specialized nature conservation input interface. This interface can assist users in mapping nature conservation rules according to OSM conventions in the future.


The Digitize Dialogue is the event series organized by the association for the exchange of experiences and knowledge. In addition to reports on the progress of work at Digitize the Planet e.V., direct dialogue is the focus of these events. For representatives from protected areas, tourism, tour portals, sports, and especially OSM contributors, it is an opportunity to bring forth their requirements and ideas to Digitize the Planet and engage in discussions.

Protocols of the dialogues that have taken place so far can be accessed here: DIGITIZE Dialogue