Disaster mapping in Kerala

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The disaster mapping project for Kerala is a project initiated to build accurate state level datasets for Kerala related to any disaster scenarios.


  • To ensure availability of open-source datasets in any case of disaster scenarios.
  • To provide insights in all stages of disaster preparedness, planning and response.
  • To actively engage communities in the project.
  • Capacity building of mapping at individual and organizational levels.
  • Provide authorities with a better plan and footprints to the vulnerability in a region.


Haritha Kerala Mission


Grameena Padana Kendram


Proposed Activities

  • Demarcation of updated ward level boundaries.
  • Identification of data gaps in the road network, stream,buildings, institutions etc
  • Training for mapping capacity building if any
  • Armchair mapping activities
  • Field survey mapping and verification  in selected sites
  • A dynamic system for disaster management which includes technology for sending out disaster alerts, identification and mitigation plans.

Mapping themes

Sl Themes
1 Government Office
2 Educational Institutions
3 Anganvadi
4 Administrative Boundaries
5 Waterbody
6 Disaster proneness/affected areas
7 Residential areas
8 Medical Facilities
9 Ration Shop
10 Community halls/Auditoriums
11 Open spaces/Parks
12 Public Toilets


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For the mapping, it is decided that Haritha Kerala Mission will carry out the activity in every district ,in one selected panchayath. The main sites include:Ranni, Pozhuthana and Nedumkandam.

For each panchayath, it is proposed that, Volunteers of Harita Mission will visit the field and generate the following data using OSM Tracker. All GPX traces will be made public.This will be further mapped in OSM using the iDEditor and JOSM. The themes that has to mapped include Ward Boundaries, Stream Network, Missing road network, Important institutions which can be used as shelters during disaster etc.

Parathode Gramapanchayath

Harita Mission is carrying out mapping of Parathode Grama Panchayath on OpenStreetMap.The existing boundaries data are being utilized for this process. The themes aforementioned are being traced, mapped and field verified as part of the activity. The volunteers actively engaged in mapping major and minor streams, roads, boundaries etc. This is further validated by field-level survey using OSMTracker and with the help of volunteers with local knowledge.

In case of mapping important institutions ,any missing institutions are identified with the help of disaster plans and Openstreetmap data and mapped accordingly .

Ranni Gramapanchayath

Grameena Padana Kendram had already done a field level survey in this region and volunteers of Harita Mission is carrying out field level verification and further mapping of the region. As mentioned earlier, the themes are being mapped and verified again.

Pozhuthana Gramapanchayath

Pozhuthana is a village in Wayanad district which in infamous for many major and minor landslides.This site falls under the radar due to its location, occurrences of landslides and most importantly the proneness of landslides and floods. The Haritha Kerala mission volunteers are already undertaking in various projects for disaster management caused by landslides and mudslides. A team of volunteers from the panchayath,including government officials , are engaging in mapping of various assets and demographics of this region. The volunteers are mapping tertiary streams , shelter potential areas, local institution etc.