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This page will be used to gather existing research on the topic of diversity in OpenStreetMap or drawn from research done on adjacent, comparable communities in support of the efforts of the OSMF Diversity Working Group.

Formal Resources

Formal resources include published academic papers, peer reviewed articles, books/ebooks, academic journals (including open access journals).

Date Title Author/Source Category Summary/Topic Link
March 2011 A qualitative enquiry into OpenStreetMap making Yu-Wei Lin,

New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia, Vol 17

Analysis Global collaboration,

contributor identities

December 2012 Motivation for open collaboration. Crowd and community models and the case of OpenStreetMap. Budhathoki, N. R., & C. Haythornthwaite. American Behavioral Scientist 57(5), 548-575 Survey survey of 444 mappers Abstract
May 2013 Gender and Experience-Related Motivators for Contributing to OpenStreetMap Manuela Schmidt & Silvia Klettner,

Vienna University of Technology

Survey online survey results

of 516 mappers



August 2015 Testing the Usability of OpenStreetMap's ID Tool. Behrens, J., van Elzakker, C. P., & Schmidt, M. The Cartographic Journal, 52(2), 177-184 accessibility analysis results usability tests of iD w/ 18 participants Abstract
May 2015 Towards assessing the quality of volunteered geographic information from OpenStreetMap for identifying critical infrastructure. Herfort, B., M. Eckle, P. Porto de Albuquerque & Zipf, A. Heidelbert University. Proceedings of the ISCRAM 2015 Conference - Kristiansand Analysis reviews the quality of OSM for identifying critical assets Paper
May 2016 Diversity in volunteered geographic information: comparing OpenStreetMap and Wikimapia in Jerusalem Christian Bittner Analysis Abstract
January 2017 Gender differences in OpenStreetMap contributor activity, editing and tagging behaviour Z. Gardner, P. Mooney, L. Dowthwaite and G. Foody - Maynooth University & University of Nottingham Survey online survey, 293 mappers Paper
June 2017 Redressing the Exclusiveness. Challenges which Prevent New Users from Contributing to OSM Robert Vogler, Sabine Hennig, Nicole Ferber, University of Salzburg, Austria ,Journal for Geographic Information Science Analysis barriers to participation in OSM Paper
May 2019 The Gendered Geography of Contributions to OpenStreetMap: Complexities in Self-Focus Bias Maitraye Das, Brent Hecht, Darren Gergle. Northwestern University Analysis the relationship between participation and content disparities in OpenStreetMap Paper
April 2019 Corporate Editors in the Evolving Landscape of OpenStreetMap Jennings Anderson, Dipto Sarkar, Leysia Palen. University of Colorado Boulder & University of Singapore Analysis influence of corporate editors Paper
June 2019 Quantifying gendered participation in OpenStreetMap: responding to theories of female (under) representation in crowdsourced mapping Z. Gardner, P. Mooney, L. Dowthwaite, S. De Sabbata. Survey updates to 2017 paper. how to widen participation in volunteered geographic information (VGI). Paper

Informal Resources

Surveys of the OpenStreetMap community, any related interview materials, recorded online conversations, conference presentations, non-peer-reviewed articles, social media content, etc.

Date Title Author/Source Category Summary Link
February 2020 Sustainability in OpenStreetMap: Building a more stable ecosystem in OSM for Development and Humanitarianism Erica Hagen for the Open Data for Resilience Initiative, GFDRR Labs, World Bank analysis challenges to the OSM project White Paper
April 2020 OpenStreetMap US Community Survey Results (Part I) Maggie Cawley & Jennings Anderson Online Survey initial survey results Post