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Divide and map. Now. -- the damn project helps mappers by dividing some big area into smaller squares that a human can map.

The idea of the damn project is similar to Tasking Manager, but the implementation is different. There are different repositories for the server, clients, and deployment. Separate repositories enable aim at a specific group of users and more focused discussion between users and developers. The concept was published as OpenStreetMap diary.

The damn project aims at local communities that need easy deployment and custom(ization of) clients.

The source code is public https://gitlab.com/damn-project and there is global chat.


Basic repository with the damn project webpage and community issue tracker is https://gitlab.com/damn-project/damn-project.gitlab.io.


The server provides access to the database and JSON API. Clients communicate with the server in a RESTful style.


There are multiple clients for multiple groups of users.


Everything about the deployment of the damn project is in a separate repository. The reason is to make deployment as simple as possible. The complete guide is in deploy readme file.

Also, there is OpenStreetMap diary describing a real deployment by following the guide in the deploy readme file.

Running instances

There is currently one running instance of the server that is used to demonstrate the damn project: https://server.damn-project.org/. API documentation is available at https://server.damn-project.org/docs.

Clients that connect to this server are: