Documents and resources relating to the re-licensing process

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The following resources were made available to support the relicensing process from CC-BY-SA to ODbL.

OpenStreetMap wiki and talk lists

OpenStreetMap Foundation

If you are looking for a final set of all the documents, here they are:

  • Contributor Terms - Individual contributors need to agree to these terms before contributing.
  • Human readable summary of the Contributor Terms
  • Database Contents License (DbCL) - Contributors waive all rights in the individual Contents of a Database licensed under the ODbL. In the text, 'Licensor' means the contributor and 'You' means the Foundation. This effectively means that end users of data published by the Foundation need to study only the ODbL rather than worrying about any special copyrights on individual elements of the database.

And for more background:

Open Knowledge Foundation

Reviews of the license by various lawyers

OSMF Members' Vote - 2009

In December 2009, OSM Foundation members voted on whether they wished to put the current version of the new license to the community for adoption and then begin the adoption process itself. The results from 270 members polled are:

Approved the process: 132
Did not approve the process: 16
Didn't vote: 122

Community members were also invited to participate in an unofficial opinion poll on the license change at

yes, I will accept the new license Odbl 127
yes and consider all my data Public domain (no restrictions) 177
no, I will not accept the new license Odbl but I will if the license is reworked 14
no, I will not accept the new license Odbl and wants to continue with the CC-BY-SA2.0 license 42
I don't know yet because I don't understand the new license or the possible consequences 51