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There will be a mapping party in the Dunsfold and Chiddingfold area of Surrey on Saturday 22 October 2011. The aim is to try and do as many footpaths in that area as possible in a day. Surrey seems to be virtually complete, even footpaths, but there are still many missing in this area.

The mapping party is free and open to everyone. The data will be collected on the day; it is your choice whether to donate to the main OSM servers or FOSM.


The Green Room (coffee shop) in Chiddingfold, on the A283, just south of Witley, meeting 9.30 - 10am. I have not visited this venue but it seems the most likely daytime meeting place in the area and is on a bus route (71 from Guildford or Haslemere, both of which have main line stations)

The mapping party area will cover the area between Dunsfold and Chiddingfold focusing on the footpaths.


Please add name if coming. Note that I (nickw) will only run the party if people have signed on the list here, and it's quite a way for me to get to (4 or 5 hour round trip from home)

1. nickw

2. TimSC

3. 80n


The party was successful, with a good proportion of the missing footpaths between Dunsfold and Chiddingfold, and S and W of Chiddingfold, mapped. All 3 participants agreed to release the resulting mapping data into the public domain (CC0). This can be found here.


  • If* the weather is forecast to be very good (i.e. sunny, not just a bog-standard cloudy day) on the Sunday, people are interested, and nothing else comes up for myself (mind you, someone else could run the party in my absence), there is the possibility of extending the party to cover the whole weekend and get a serious amount done. Please sign here if you would be interested in the Sunday.
  • TimSC (possibly, will discuss on Sat)