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A screenshot of e-OSMClient

e-OSMClient is a lightweight browser for displaing tiled maps. It was primarily designed to be used for displaying OSM rendered maps, but it can work with any kind of tiled map servers: You can edit the .ini configuration files for setting server info and adding new tile servers. eOSMClient uses a local cache for saving tiles. You can redisplay chached tiles whithout accessing the server.


e-OSM Client can be connected to any Open Street Map Tile servers and a lot of other map tile servers.
e-OSM Client can operate disconnected from the server using cached tiles.
e-OSM client has a lot of tools for managin bookmarks, cretating big images and saving a portion of the map on the local disk.

Road Map and License

e-OSMClient is developed by e-Soft.You can freely use this software without any restrictions.

e-Soft is working for adding a lot of interesting functions and tool to eOSMClient.


The primary/supported platform for eOSMClient is Windows. You need to have Microsoft .NET 2.0 installed on your computer in order to run eOSMClient.

You can download the current version of eOSMClient here: http://www.e-soft.it/eOSMClient/eOSMClient.zip