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European Environment Agency has its data commercialy reusable.

Nationally designated areas (National - CDDA):

Tag translations

CDDA comes with quite rich metadata. Following table shows proposal by Kozuch how to translate these tags into OSM, some are new tag proposals.

Shapefile OSM comment
_SITE NAME_ name
_SITE CODE_ eea:cdda:sitecode
_PARENTISO_ eea:cdda:parentiso
_OBJECTID_ eea:cdda:objectid numbers objects of multipolygons starting with 0
_YEAR_ start_date
_SITE AREA_ area:ha ha=hectare, units may vary in source shapefile depending on area/country
_ODESIGNATE_ protection_title
_DESIGNATE_ protection_title:en
_IUCNCAT_ iucn_level
- source=EEA:CDDA2009
- website=
- protect_class should be translated accordingly to the IUCN level or national level


So far I used Quantum GIS (1.7.3) to make a selection from the original shapefile (through the "attribute table" and then click on dataset and "save selection as"). Then I used Merkaartor (0.17.2) to open/import SHP and export as OSM XML. Then open OSM XML in JOSM, do the tagging and import. JOSM made up to about 20000 nodes in one upload, but there were problems. Better use only few thousand nodes (lets say up to 5000) and select very small upload blocks (up to 50 nodes) or you might end up with failed import and neccessity of a revert, because the ways/relations are uploaded just in the end so you end up with a bunch of nodes that say nothing only.


  • all imput data were simplified in JOSM with simplify-way.max-error=1

Known issues

  • although shapefile in UTF-8, CZE(ch) data is missing some diacritics (special language characters)

List of imports

  • CZE CHKO (changesets 10661244, 10782338 and others)
  • CZE NPR (March 9 2012) - changeset 10925983
  • CZE NPP (June 3 2012) - changeset 11790333