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DIDOK (or DIDOC) is a public list from the Federal Office of Transport (FOT/BAV/OFT/UFT), with railway, tram, bus, and some boat and cable transport stations in Switzerland.[1] It is currently best accessed on the Open Data Platform Swiss Public Transport portal.[2] You can preview the complete dataset rendered on a map.[3]

This page documents the initial import and subsequent clean-up mechanical edits. As such this page is more to be seen as the historic documentation, and landing page for people stumbling upon the import.


Key Excel ex. train station ex. tram station Notes
uic_ref Dienststellen-Nummer 8502113 8591299 85XXXXX; missing digits have to be filled with 0
uic_name Name Aarau Zürich, Paradeplatz -
name Aarau Paradeplatz for non-train stations: the second ('local') part of the uic_name
operator GO-Abkürzung SBB VBZ -
source Bundesamt für Verkehr (BAV), DIDOK 2012 Bundesamt für Verkehr (BAV), DIDOK 2012

Of course, the type of stop (railway=station, highway=bus_stop, ...) will be added, too.

Current state

A guide for improving public transport data in OSM in Switzerland with the help of the DIDOK list can be found here: Switzerland/DIDOK/Maintenance_Howto

About the initial import from 2010

Coverage of OSM on 20.02.2010

scatter plot comparing OSM and DIDOK coverage

A scatter plot of the nodes retrieved nodes from XAPI (with http://www.informationfreeway.org/api/0.6/node[railway|highway|aerialway|amenity=station|tram_stop|bus_stop|bus_station|halt|ferry_terminal][bbox=5.95951603681,45.7344249293,10.6680238823,47.8431283729]) compared to the coordinates from the DIDOK list can be found here

Import procedure

A script was written to match the DIDOK stops with the stops already existing in OSM. This was checked and corrected during the DIDOK Cleanup. Didok stops were imported under the username User:DidokImportCH using the schema above. In more detail:

  • For Didok stops where a matching entry in OSM was found the tags were added to the existing OSM nodes if no tag with the given key yet exists.
  • Didok stops without any matching OSM node were added as new nodes. Nodes, where the type could not be determined, an appropriate FIXME will be set instead of the stop type.

No existing information in OSM was modified.

In addition url:source and url:documentation tags were added to the changesets.

Maintaining DIDOK data

manual maintenance

See Switzerland/DIDOK/Maintenance_Howto for instructions how everyone can contribute to maintain DIDOK data in OSM

removal of abandoned public transport stops

Jan. 2015 mechanical edit (in preparation): removal of stops which were imported in 2010 but which are no longer in DIDOK, and were never resurveyed by an OSM mapper. It is assumed that those stops do no longer exist and this mechanical edit removes them. For a map with all stops see abandoned public transport stops on umap. It was announced on the talk-ch mailing list: mechanical edit: removing abandoned stops from 2010 DIDOK import

Nodes meeting following conditions are to be deleted:

  1. was imported by user DidokImportCH
  2. was never touched by anyone since then and
  3. is not on the current DIDOK list any more

The edit is carried out with the user DidokImportCH

Notes and references

  1. Registers publicly available on the Federal Office of Transport (FOT) official website. Currently only available (with full description and metadata) in:
  2. The list is also referenced and available on the Open Data Platform Swiss Public Transport portal, in English, German, French, Italian (Excel format only).
  3. You can preview the complete dataset rendered on a map on
    • maps.trafimage.ch (map provided by the SBB/CFF/FFS railway company, available in 4 languages and allows comparing it with the set imported in OpenStreetMap).
    • map.geo.admin.ch (linked from the official FOT/BAV/OFT/UFT website, available in 5 languages with the most recent dataset published). Please see talk page