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This guide should help you improve pubilc transport information in OSM in Switzerland, with the help of the DIDOK list[1].

See the main wiki page EN:Switzerland/DIDOK for the tagging scheme of the official public transport stop name and number.

survey initially imported and unchecked stops

The quality of the DIDOK list (geographic location and completeness) is quite bad in certain areas. Therefore verifying of blindly imported stops is quite important. You can find unverified stops on the didok check map with the overlay "survey state of nodes".

remove old osm stops

There are stops which got revoked. An uic number which is not available in the DIDOK list is a hint for such a revocation. You can see such stops on the didok check map with the overlay "stops only in osm"

add new stops to osm

Since the import in 2010, there were of course new public transport stops created. You can find such potentially new stops on the didok check map with the overlay "stops only in didok". But check if the stop really exists, there are a lot of old stops still in DIDOK, which do not exist anymore, or that do not yet exist (are planned but not even built yet, and we map only stuff that is observable in the real world)


  1. https://opentransportdata.swiss/de/dataset/didok DiDok provided by Open Data Platform Swiss Public Transport