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Errors in the map data

This section is about errors – some say bugs in map and how to deal with them:

  • Notes – The most common way to report errors/bugs or urgent improvements. Easily add reports on the OpenStreetMap main website with the add improvement/error feature.
  • MapDust – A different system with feedback to map data errors/bugs.
  • Quality assurance – Exhaustive list of tools for improving map data quality. Includes tools which show potential mapping bugs.
  • OpenStreetBugs – This has been replaced by notes and is no longer actively supported.

Bugs in OSM-related software

Articulo principal: ES:Develop#Main projects

Maintainers of OSM-related software generally have an issue tracker at the same place as their development repository. In most cases, this is based on Github for software components, or sometimes OTRS for data and licencing issues, deployment on specific servers, or general administration and communication with communities.

Some software projects also have their own translation tools using their local issue tracker and progress monitoring. Small projects maintained by few people may just have some contact addresses or could track issues on this wiki. Many projects also offer public contacts on social networks, blogs, or online forums for providing support, collecting suggestions, or evaluating proposals.

Please check the wiki page for the individual project to find out where the maintainer wants bugs reported.

In all cases: please search the already reported bugs before posting a new one. If you post a new one, please be verbose to avoid the need of guessing by the developers. Thank you for your contribution!

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