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Mapwel is mapping software for Garmin GPS units. The creation of a GPS map involves drawing the map (and/or import of map data from other sources), conversion of the map data into the GPS’s native format and uploading of that data into the GPS. Mapwel allows to do the above three steps with a single software tool. Included with Mapwel is a freeware utility MapUpload for uploading IMG files into the GPS. It allows users to upload their IMG map files created in other software into the GPS. MapUpload has capability of adding your maps to maps that are already present in the GPS memory.

Mapwel's main features are:

 Creates routable and static maps for Garmin automotive and handheld GPS
 Creates maps from ESRI SHP, MP, OpenStreetMap OSM, GPX, GDB, KML, KMZ, DBX, PLT or WPT files 
 Direct download and conversion of OSM files into routable maps for Garmin GPS
 Editor and support of user defined styles 
 Trace tool (raster-to-vector conversion) 
 Automatic conversion of whole raster image to vectors  
 Adds your maps to other maps in GPS 
 Deletes specific maps from GPS or from IMG file on PC 
 More than 800 projections and geographic systems supported.
 Support of OziExplorer calibrated maps 
 Export into IMG, KML (Google Earth) and MP formats (Advanced version only) 
 Fast free-hand digitizing with tablet or mouse 
 Free demo 
 Free map loader MapUpload

Where to get it?

You can get Mapwel and freewareMapUpload from the official web site at .

Demo Version

Mapwel is available in a free demo version for evaluation. Demo without password truncates maps uploaded into the GPS and adds 'Mapwel Demo' label to all objects.

To test how complete map looks like in the GPS, use the Mapwel_Island.MPW file in the MAPWEL/FILES folder.

Demo version does not truncate maps if they are located in a 'safe test area' S00.5 - N00.5, W000.5 - E000.5 (WGS84). Place your map within these boundaries to test it in the GPS.

Licence Levels

Registered Mapwel software is available in two levels:

Basic, for single GPS unit. Basic version allows user to upload map only into the GPS with ID that was used for registration. This version is intended for personal use.

Advanced, for unlimited number of GPS units. Advanced version requires one master GPS (the one used for registration) to check validity of password single-time after Mapwel installation or re-installation. User may then attach any other compatible GPS and upload maps into it. This version is intended for personnel or organizations that own number of GPS units. Advanced version allows to export maps into IMG, KML and MP format and supports batch conversion mode. You have to have registered GPS by hand when you upgrade or re-install Mapwel.

OpenStreetMap OSM files support

Mapwel allows to upload OSM files into the Garmin GPS units with just a few clicks of mouse, preserving as much of visual similarity as possible. OSM files specification includes number of polygons, lines and icons. Most of them are not supported by Garmin basic set of objects. However, Mapwel contains library of special pre-defined styles to render OSM maps on Garmin GPS correctly.

Mapwel allows to select large map area, split it automatically into tiles, download them from OpenStreetMap and convert all tiles as a mapset for Garmin GPS. There are several adjustable mapset parameters available like name, transparency, drawing priority, driving side, address format, etc.