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Logo-translatewiki.png is a project where a community of localisers make the user interface available in their language, which we've been using for a while also for OSM. Originally, it was dedicated to the internationalisation and localisation of MediaWiki, the software powering Wikipedia in almost 300 languages. As a consequence, it has a diverse community of people helping out.

For OpenStreetmap, we have a project page where you can find all the pertinent data on the OSM project. At this time we localise both the website and potlatch, plus Waymarked Trails. More software can be added by requesting on the support page, see also Translating:New project.

We are waiting with anticipation the realisation of the integration of OSM in Wikimedia projects. We hope that this will bring new people to both our projects. We are really happy that the OSM localisation people are joining because as the functionality will be shared, we will become more relevant and better understood with a properly localised user interface.


Wikipedia usa el código alfa del software MediaWiki y, como consecuencia, ejecuta la versión de última generación de MediaWiki. Es por esto que las personas localizan el último software disponible y, consecuentemente, cuando el software se activa, las localizaciones están incluidas. Con el fin de estimular aún más a nuestra comunidad, hemos desarrollado una extensión para MediaWiki llamada "LocalisationUpdate", que proporcionará los mensajes localizados que se ajustan al software que se ejecuta. Así pues, la localización de Wikipedia es tan buena como puede hacerse con voluntarios.

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