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Para global mapping event with Zombie avatars, véase Night of the living maps.

ZombieMap is just an idea. This is a brainstorming page about the idea...

Map Of The Dead

There used to be an actual implementation of the idea. Rather disappointingly the makers of seem to have decided to switch back from using OpenStreetMap back to google maps. It was an early demo of Mapbox map style capabilities, and followed some of the ideas described below. POI data was always from Foursquare mind you. Boo.

The idea

Someone suggested a game at SotM 2011 that you have to go and map POIs so you're safe when the Zombie Invasion comes. For example, you get a point if you go and map a pharmacy, maybe other POIs like a supermarket. (Who's idea was it?)

I think it would be better to show OpenStreetMap users what achivements they would win in a game. This potentially avoids people making vandalism edits in order to win a 3rd party game. Instead you look at valid OSM contributors (e.g. first timers) and tell them how well they are doing, in an exciting/motiviating game form.

So how about have a page/site called Zombie Map. It might be good to first select a bounding box of the city you want to defend. Then the site checks for certain things to help you.

items needed

In case of a Zombie invasion, have these items been found/mapped? Point per item, or just point for getting one of each category? Maybe display a 'preparedness' level, e.g. one item in 5 (of the 10) categories mapped, you are 50% prepared.

  • Health - pharmacies, doctor surgeries, hospitals
  • Security/defence - Police station, Fire station
  • Out smart them - Library, schools
  • Recivilisation - Town hall
  • Defence - hardware/diy shop
  • Besieged supplies - supermarkets, farms
  • Weapons, ammunition and related supplies - gun shops