Eastern Zambia Enumeration Updates

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Akros Global Health is an organization that works to strengthen national health systems in developing countries. One of the programs Akros has initiated uses a spatial survey tool used under Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) for Malaria prevention from 2014.

The main goal of this work is to update data contributed by Akros and the community to OSM before spray campaign to field verified building status after the campaign i.e

  1. Confirmed building=residential
  2. Confirmed building=Non-residential (commercial, school, kitchens etc.)
  3. Remove buildings not present during campaign ground visits
  4. Re-upload buildings that may have been removed from last remote mapping

Data was/is verified and cleaned for upload by Akros contributors using JOSM in steps described below:

  1. Field building files split into separate building type
  2. Each structure type layer (residential, shop, office, etc) loaded to JOSM at each time used as a reference layer
  3. Reference layer structures added to todolist plugin
  4. Mark off each structure from todo list after downloading, editing and uploading changes to overlapping building from osm

Akros contributors working on this project are under OSM user names:

All are connected to one email account managed by mapping coordinator to respond to any comments on changesets from the mapping community.