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Openstreetmap lacks an easy way to create mash ups for the non-technical user. This is why GoogleMaps is much more popular among those users. This wiki page is mend to keep track of my idea's (and yours) around this subject. This page is currently without any structure. But maybe that will come some day....

The general idea is to create some kind of MashUp website where people can create their mashups, share them etc. However this is not limited to the site. A flexible setup is needed so people can paste 1 line of javascript code and include 1 javascript file and they have an openlayers instance with their own mashup on the website. But the mashup should also be reachable trough foo.bar/mashup=MyMashUp or some URL like that. So people can link to each others mashups.

Dynamic KML

I think the best approach is to use Dynamic KML. Especially since dynamic kml (for the mash up data) could then be read into other apps.

  • An API has to be written so people can submit new data to the mash up.
  • The possibility to use multiple mashups when displaying it in openlayers.
  • Multiple mashups per users