Emilia Romagna Import Cesena Quartieri

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- The import will be performed by a dedicated account: import_Jinx71

- The original data (.shp files) were exported from: http://dati.unionevallesavio.it (license: CC0, CCBY);

- The shapefile was opened in JOSM (using plugin: "OpenData") and cleaned by the numerous superimposed lines and saved in .osm format file;

- The boundaries relation of the City of Cesena already existed in the OSM DB - ISTAT source - but was much more rough than the boundary included in the "shapefile" local authority, and therefore was updated handly by following the outer lines of the latter;

- The boundaries of the districts - admin_level=10 - were integrated into the outer boundary of the city of Cesena. The .osm resulting file, ready for importing into OSM DB, is located here. In the comment to the changeset I'd put "source = http://dati.unionevallesavio.it" for referencing the source of the data.