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Enedis (operator=Enedis) is a French company in charge of power distribution network operation covering 95% of mainland France (France métropolitaine). 1 200 employees are involved in cartography tasks, including medium and higher scales GIS maps.
Some of them are interested in editing OSM wiki and data regarding Enedis activities. Feel free to contact them in case of any mistakes.

Enedis is involved in open data movement and publishes its infrastructure cartography on a dedicated platform.

Area of interests

Enedis team is first of all interested in editing wiki and add more precise information about power network operator activities and safety information around power networks infrastructure.

Wiki editors could start a directed mapping activity on OSM in coming months despite it's not a priority now.

Enedis and OSM French local chapter entered in a 3-years partnership about up to 6 power distribution business topics.

  • Utility poles for both medium and low voltages on Metropolitan France.
  • Low voltage distribution cabinets used over underground networks to connect households.

4 more topics may be defined later.

You can get involved in some mapping projects or get some contribution dashboards on this webpage.

Experimental references

As to explore several possibilities to link OSM to Enedis internal GIS, Enedis will progressively complete its opendata files with poles internal references.
An experiment is currently conduced in Yonne county with ref:FR:Enedis=* on mostly all medium voltage supporting poles.

However OSM expects readable refs for Verifiability purposes, this solution with internal refs is not perfect and numbering all poles on the field will take years.
Better solutions are currently under investigation as to make links with Enedis assets repository more transparent.

Corportate editing team

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