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This is the import page for Enel Open Data. The import is related to the charging stations published at the data.enel.com portal.

Charging Stations

The charging stations dataset currently contains about 300 charging stations. The import will:

  • be ongoing, i.e. will occur periodically,
  • use "disused/construction/proposed" prefix tags according to the charging station state,
  • avoid publishing a charging station if a charging station exists already in a 100 m. radius (i.e. a mapper already created the station in OpenStreetMap),
  • avoid updating/deleting a charging station if that station has been updated/deleted already by a mapper.

The initial discussion about Charging Stations took place on the talk-it [AT] openstreetmap.org mailing list: follow the original thread (in Italian). The plan hereby described already takes into consideration suggestions and improvements discussed with the Italian community.

The discussion with the imports [AT] openstreetmap.org mailing list is took place here: follow the thread (in English).

The software used to import the "charging stations" from an XML feed towards OpenStreetMap is called OpenStreetMap Importer and has been open sourced. Its source code can be found on GitHub.


The data license is CC-BY-3.0.


Feature the charging stations available on the Italian territory on OpenStreetMap.


The first import took place the 30th of July, with changeset #17153423.

The import shall be periodic in order:

  • to remove charging stations that are being dismissed or are under maintenance,
  • to add new charging stations.

Import Plan

No Task Target Date Status
1 test the import on OpenStreetMap test environment July 5th, 2013 done
2 coordinate with the Italian working group (talk-it) July 12th, 2013 done
3 coordinate with the imports mailing list (imports) July 26th, 2013 done
4 publish to production (www.openstreetmap.org) July 30th, 2013 done
5 periodic imports n/a to be scheduled


Following are the fields of changesets related to this import:

Name Description
created_by "EnelSharing"
source "data.enel.com"
url:en "http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Enel_Open_Data"


Node fields about charging stations:

Name Description
latitude Latitude
longitude Longitude
addr:country Country Code ("IT")
name "Enel - stazione di ricarica"
brand "Enel"
amenity "charging_station" (with prefixes proposed/disused/construction when required)
ref:enel:code The charging station code
ref:enel:serial_number The charging station serial number

Processing existing nodes

The import procedure checks for the existence of *charging stations* within the range of 100 meters from the location of the source node and, if found, the source node is not imported.

Change History

July 26th, 2013

  • finalize tags definition, so far:
    • add the name= tag with the official name ("Enel - stazione di ricarica")
    • remove the car= tag
    • keep the ref:enel= tag
    • maybe add the ref:enel:serial_number= with the station serial number (this should be visible on the station hardware and might be helpful to identify the object in real life)
    • use proposed: disused: construction: according to the station state
  • change the import behavior defined above (points 2.b.i and 2.b.c): **since we save in our local DB the node id and version of last update** if we find that in OSM the node has been deleted or that the version is higher than the known version, we don't perform any kind of update or operation, instead we raise a request for manual verification to the owner of data. Therefore subsequent updates/deletes of nodes by mappers won't be therefore affected by the import procedure.
  • management of existing data: we're making a census of existing charging stations data in OSM [1]. There are 73 stations currently on the Italian territory (not all of them are related to Enel). We need to reconcile our data with what is currently available on OSM.

July 9th, 2013

  • page http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Enel_Open_Data rewritten from Italian to English,
  • add TODO section,
  • field name removed from nodes,
  • added Italian translations in Nominatim for amenity = charging_station (stazione di ricarica, stazione di ricarica elettrica, colonnina di ricarica),
  • added ref:enel tag,
  • removed addr:housenumber,
  • added source to the Changeset
  • added url:en to the Changeset
  • removed addr:street

The test changeset is available here: http://api06.dev.openstreetmap.org/browse/changeset/28297