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This is a concept for enhancing data with specific information about source, quality and state / actuality.
Since a consistently flow of sources is needed for most academical work, it could be useful to record information about getting the data into OSM.

key value comment
data_resource GPS, raw Raw data from a GPS device, directly imported into OSM.
data_resource GPS, edited Revised data from a GPS device, e.g. reduction of points or correction of tracks.
data_resource Yahoo aerial imaging Data captured by Yahoo's satellite picture.
data_resource estimated Estimated track, e.g. underground railway or ways in forests
data_resource historical documents Data based on historical information.
data_resource official plan Data based on official plans, like a plat or zoning map.
data_resource official database Data based on official databases, like a street directory.
data_resource other Data based on other resources, like hand-drawn maps.
data_quality verified Data, which was verified by other people, living or knowing the same area.
data_actuality date Date-based state of the data, e.g. on planned roads.
data_contact corporation Contact to the supplier of information, e.g. McDonald's.
data_contact office Contact to the supplier of information, e.g. cadastral-office.
data_contact contact person Contact to the supplier of information in person.

data_contact is not intended to contain any information about Author.