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Ennis, County Clare, Ireland
latitude: 52.8463, longitude: -8.9807
Browse map of Ennis 52°50′46.68″ N, 8°58′50.52″ W
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Ennis is a Town in County Clare, Ireland at latitude 52°50′46.68″ North, longitude 8°58′50.52″ West.


To provide Ennis users with the most accurate, up-to-date and complete set of data for mapping of Ennis Town and environs which can be used for any purpose, by anyone, for no cost.

This is part of the wiki project Ireland


Until the end of 2012, all that there was mapped in Ennis were the roads and some POIs in town. Some areas, like the Gort Road Industrial Estate, had been mapped also with some names tagged.

Since 2013, and with the availability of high-res satellite imagery, more details and in particular buildings were added, beginning with the area along the Tulla Road, between Clooney and Ennis. Then the estates along the Gort Road were added and also the estates Knockanean, Roslevan, Newpark etc. along the Tulla Road in Ennis as well as Corrovorrin appeared. Proper house numbers and even street names as address tags for buildings had always been a challenge even with local knowledge and on-site surveys, so this part is incomplete as of April 2013.

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Users Interested In Ennis and Co. Clare

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Areas in and around Ennis and their individual progress

In general, it could be said that most of the area east of the railway line is mapped. Remaining tasks are many house numbers or, when existing, house names instead. Newer estates all use house numbers, while the older ones, like Hillcrest, Four Seasons Drive, Ballymacahill and Newpark as well as all the (older) houses along the Tulla Road and Millbank only have (if at all) house names.

Ennis East

(Estates East of the Railway Line)

  • Hillcrest: finished, bar house names
  • Lios Ard: finished, bar house numbers
  • Gort na nBlath: finished, bar house numbers
  • Four Seasons Drive: finished, bar house names
  • Ballymacahill: finished, bar house names
  • New Estate East of Millbank: finished, bar house numbers
  • Elm Wood: finished, bar house numbers
  • Bridge Court and Bridge View:
  • Newpark (incl. Woodside): finished, bar some house numbers
  • An Sean Dun: finished, bar house numbers
  • Cappahard: finished, bar some house numbers
  • Knockaderry Grove: finished, bar house names
  • Oakleigh Wood: finished, bar some house numbers
  • Clover Hill and Verdant Hill: finished, bar house numbers

Ennis North

(Estates East and West of Gort Road)

  • Parnell Grove
  • Ashfield Park
  • Ard Caoin
  • Gort Road Industrial Estate
  • Information Age Park Ennis
  • Glenina
  • Aughanteroe
  • Pine Grove
  • Ivy Hill

Ennis Centre

Ennis South

(Estates East and West of Limerick Road and Kilrush Road)

Ennis West