Enugu State Routing Project

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The Enugu State Routing Project

Goal and Background

The overall of objective of import is to upload the road network and other points of interest into OSM for the state of Enugu. This is to help the state in enhancing its visibility on-line by highlighting its access (infrastructure)and businesses. The road network also comes in handy in navigation purposes. It will help in building a routing application for the state and this will provide direction information through an SMS platform.

In May 2013, the data was collected and can be published under any free and open license, including ODbL. Much of the data was collected using the open data kit (ODK) and also using Garmin GPS receivers. Apart of it was also digitised based on aerial imagery provided for by the State of Enugu. Much of the editing was done in ArcGIS, shapefile format

OSM attribution: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Contributors#Nigeria
Data license: Public Domain
ODbL Compliance verified: Yes


The data to be imported into Open StreetMap was collected through a collaborative effort between the Enugu State and a consortium that include Benjamin Knight ltd; lead transactors, Upande Ltd; The technical lead and Global Geomatics; data collectors as is attributed on the attribution page. The Enugu State therefore owns the data, they hence created a dedicated account on openstreetmap that will be used during the import(username:Luchiri) and agreed to the contributor terms as outlined.


The import is starting September 2013 and should be completed before the month ends. The data is ready to be uploaded and the import process is estimated to take a day or two. When an update is scheduled then an alert will be sent to imports@openstreetmap.org.

Import Plan

This is just a one-time import.

Starting with the Shapefile, we removed unnecessary columns, and cleaned up the road names (which had inconsistent capitalization, spelling, abbreviations). Transformed using [1], adding topology. Column/Key (ROAD_CLASS, ROAD_TYPE, TRAFFIC_DI, ROAD_NAME) (highway, surface, oneway, name) names were mapped in JOSM. Mapped various values of surface to either "paved" (Asphalt, Asphalt Road, various mispellings) or "unpaved" (Earth, Earth Road, etc), and fixed capitalization on tag values.

The result is posted here

This data is going to be uploaded by one person using this mikel_enugu_import as the dedicated account.

Following import by bulk_upload.py, we will use JOSM to connect this road data to existing road network in the city, which is very minimal.

Points of Interest

Points of Interest were uploaded prematurely, but have issues in tagging. Working to fix those next.