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The Essex Way is widely described as being 81 miles long, along footpaths and roads in Essex, England, although we have 133km/82.6miles of it mapped in OSM. This discrepancy is probably down to diversions since the route was first opened, such as near Wrabness where coastal erosion has led to footpaths being diverted. The trail starts in Epping in the south-west crosses Dedham Vale and Constable country to finish at the port of Harwich on the Stour estuary. It leads you through ancient woodlands, open farmland, tree-lined river valleys and leafy green lanes, unveiling historic towns and villages along the way.

The Essex Way was conceived after a competition organised by the Campaign to Protect Rural England in 1972, and the original dark green CPRE Essex Way plaques can still be seen on some parts of the route. However, these signs have been mostly superseded by Essex County Council plaques displaying two red poppies on a white disc.


The following table is based on the sections described on the BBC website [1] as an easy way to break the way into sections that can be fairly easily walked and added to OSM. The Essex Way relation is relation 68615

Section % Complete Notes
Epping to Chipping Ongar 100% Walked & Mapped, Essex Way relations updated. Qichina
Chipping Ongar to Willingate 100% Walked and GPS track added to relation 2009_05_23


Willingate to Good Easter 100% Walked 2009-05-24 and GPS track mapped Qichina
Good Easter to Great Waltham 100% Walked and GPS track mapped 2009-06-15 Qichina
Great Waltham to Fairstead 100% Walked & added to relation 2009-06-04. Qichina
Fairstead to Cressing 100% Completed 2009-05-28, added to relation. Qichina
Cressing to Coggeshall 100% Walked & added to relation 2009-07-11. Qichina
Coggeshall to Fordstreet 100% Completed 2009-07-16, added to relation. Qichina
Fordstreet to Boxted 100% Walked 31 Aug 2003. Added 3 Dec 2009. Saltmarsh
Boxted to Dedham 100% Walked 21 Sep 2003. Added 4 Dec 2009. Saltmarsh
Dedham to Manningtree 100% Walked 21 Sep 2003. Added 4 Dec 2009. Saltmarsh
Manningtree to Little Oakley 100% Walked 31-01-2009. Added to relation 01-02-2009 EdLoach
Little Oakley to Harwich 100% Walked 31-01-2009. Added to relation 01-02-2009. EdLoach