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ExifTool is a free, cross-platform tool for reading and writing Exif data in image files. It can be used on its own from the command line, or it can be used by other programs such as Prune and Geotag to read and write coordinate information in photographs.

It supports a wide variety of image types, including JPEGs and RAW format images.

Correct EXIF time afterwards

If you forgot to sync your camera with atomic time, consider the following hint:

  1. Take a photo of the current atomic time (e.g. [1]).
  2. Calculate the difference between the time on the photo and the EXIF time. Assume for this example that the internal clock is fast by 1 hour 8 minutes and 19 seconds.
  3. Run exiftool in the following way with the time shift specified according to this syntax [2]. The second command changes file modification time of the images.
exiftool -AllDates-=1:08:19 ./path/to/directory
exiftool '-DateTimeOriginal>FileModifyDate' ./path/to/directory

EXIF time from file modification time

Older cameras, especially mobile phones, may not set the DateTimeOriginal field of EXIF data, but store the recording time in file modification time. exiftool can be used to set the mentioned EXIF field in the following way:

exiftool '-FileModifyDate>DateTimeOriginal' ./path/to/directory


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