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Within the project "eXplorers Pal" we develop a mobile logging device for house numbers and POI's. To store GPS Tracks is also an active target of this project. The idea is that a mapping person would simply press a button while passing houses along a street. POI's should be selectable using a menu structure. This should help to acquire all data right out in the field.

Read more on our Homepage: www.explorerspal.org
Photo of the current hardware]


Computer rendering of prototype Explorer's Pal circuit board assembly.
  • Mobile, handy, can be operated while walking
  • Operation for more than 40 hours on three (3) AA cells
  • Liquid crystal display for direct editing
  • Duplicate push-buttons for operation with either left or right hand
  • Built in GPS receiver
  • Mass storage on removable microSD card
  • Firmware licensed under GPL

Technical Data

  • Graphic liquid crystal display, 240x64 pixels (Sharp)
  • Four push-buttons for the left or right thumb
  • Numeric keypad in the center
  • Soft keys next to the display
  • RS-232 serial interface
  • Mass storage microSD card
  • 8-bit microcontroller, Atmel ATmega1280 (128 kB/256 kB Flash, 4 kB EEPROM, 8 kB SRAM)
  • 40k RAM
  • UART-friendly operating frequency 14.74MHz
  • USB interface for data exchange with a personal computer
  • Reserved plug-in area for a GPS module