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Far North (Extrême-Nord), Cameroon

latitude: 11.512, longitude: 14.551
Browse map of Far North 11°30′43.20″ N, 14°33′03.60″ E
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Far North (Extrême-Nord) is a region in Cameroon at latitude 11°30′43.20″ North, longitude 14°33′03.60″ East.

OpenStreetMap images (and underlying map data) are freely available under OpenStreetMap License.


HOT in the Far North

HOT is conducting a mapping project in the Far North of Cameroon since February 2013 as part of the EUROSHA project together with France Volontaire.

The initial focus is on baseline mapping of Maroua and the regions in which the needs are most crucial and extend the use of OSM platform as a coordination tool for humanitarian actors in crisis preparedness.

All these activities are meant to support the growth of a local OSM group in Cameroon and the Far North and the growth of the OSM project.


Following heavy rains and flooding in late August and September 2012, flood emergencies were declared in the Far North region of Cameroon. The estimated number of flood-displaced people reached 88,640 (50,824 people in the North and 37,816 in the Far North region). Since mid-October areas around the district of Logone and Chari Department along the northern border with Chad and in the region of Maga, Mayo-Danay division experienced further flooding. Water levels started to decrease in many areas in early November.

The disaster is being called the worst flooding in Cameroon in more than 60 years. Eurosha Project will contribute to identify and analize the actors and the context and to reinforce local capacities through the introduction of OSM platform and open-data information-sharing system.

For more info see Far North Region (Cameroon) on Wikipedia


If you have a goal that you are working towards or one that you would like to see get done then add it to the list here, create a section where it can be coordinated and tracked, and a way of measuring progress.

  • Completion of the network of major roads, including roads to neighboring countries.


  • Names of the roads
  • Importation of data in OSM
  • Typology of roads

Where & what to Map

  • Maroua
  • Towns and areas affected by the flooding, regions along the Logone and Mayo-Tsanaga rivers and around the Lake Chad
  • Regions in which the needs are most crucial
  • Humanitarian actors
  • Healthcare facilities and pharmacies
  • Sanitation and waterpoints
  • Schools

Imagery & sources

Bing coverage for Far North is available at a high resolution in many areas including Maroua, Maga, Pouss, Kousseri, Garoua, Kaélé. The imagery is relatively recent (2011).

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