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Third (right?) OSM mapping micro party in Finland!

The objective is to review and update paths, add & update POIs, add & update accessibility info in and around the Pasila train station. The theme for this mapping event is inspired in the decision on HSL of basing their new coming services, such as, on OSM data!

We will meet at 16:30 at Helsingin Seudun Liikenne (HSL) office close to Pasila station. There we will discuss the plans for the mapping evening (30 min). Many of us will be doing OSM mapping for the first time, so there will be an open discussion on what can be done and how. If you are late or have problems finding the right door, see phone details below.

Then we will go mapping and will meet back at the same location at around say 18:30 (it can be discussed in the beginning) to make edits to OSM. Again, help and guidance will be provided for those with little or no experience.

People with mobility restrictions are most welcome to join! Wheelchairs or baby strollers will make it easier to put accessibility to test in the station area.

Meeting location

isompi kartta

Location: HSL offices in Pasila, Opastinsilta 6Aj, Seutusali (entrance via the interior yard)

Date and time: 16:30 pm. Thursday, July 2nd 2015

Register to the event: Helsinki - Pasila OSM mapping event

Weather forecast:

More info

Area to be mapped and focus: Pasila station and surroundings. Focus on public transportation related paths, accessibility and surrounding streets. Review and update paths, stops and platforms, add & update POIs and elevators, add & update accessibility info in and around the Pasila train station.

Field papers will be available for collecting notes, we will explain how to use them (you can have a look at, and Editing OSM with Field Papers).

Requirements: The data will be collected using field papers. If you know how to collect/edit data using a GPS or a smartphone, you can do that. Field papers and ball pens will be provided the beginning so basically you don't need anything for the field mapping.

Edits to OSM: It would be nice to make the edits to OSM just after the field collection, for that purpose you will need a laptop and internet connection. There would be at least one or two laptops, so if you don't want to bring your laptop, we can at least look together at how edits are done so you can try it at home.

Contacts: Tuukka and Eduardo

First data

Here is some of the data we just collected, it was not easy but it was fun! We were 6 people at the end, quite good in 2 days notices :). Thans to Susanna (Wikimedia), Hannes and Tuukka (HSL), Bruno and Thiago (Mapbox) and Eduardo (Gispo).

These is the data we collected with the field papers:



more to come...