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switch2osm                                       Make the switch to OpenStreetMap

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switch2osm                                       Basculez vers OpenStreetMap

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Rich data

OpenStreetMap data is rich and detailed, containing huge amounts of data which is relevant to people on the ground - 
the people who collected it.

Features include:
 o Roads, railways, waterways, etc...
 o Restaurants, shops, stations, ATMs and more.
 o Walking and cycling paths.
 o Buildings, campuses, etc...

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Up to date

OpenStreetMap is updated every minute of every hour of every day, and these updates are available to you in

Our fantastic community is making OpenStreetMap better right now. If there are features you need - you can
add them and see them live within minutes.

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Tune your experience

Why does your map have to look the same as every other one on the internet?

With OpenStreetMap data you can create your own map, showing the features that you want to show, 
the features which are important to your users.

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Global data

OpenStreetMap data covers the whole world, making it easy to support users in any country, or every country.

With localised and translated names, you can see maps in the language you want to see them in.

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No licensing fee

OpenStreetMap data is free and open - there is no subscription fee and no page-view fee.

With OpenStreetMap data, your only obligations are to attribute and share-alike, as explained in our license.


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Sous-menu : Using Tiles

   Getting started with Leaflet
   Getting started with OpenLayers

Sous-menu : Serving Tiles

   Building a tile server from packages
   Manually building a tile server
   Using an all-in-one solution


Take back control of your maps

Do your maps look like everyone else’s? Are you paying high fees just to include maps on your website?

Switch to OpenStreetMap and discover how you can build beautiful maps from the world’s best map data. We give you the data for
free; you can make any map you like with it. Or benefit from the expertise of those already using OpenStreetMap. Host it on your
hardware, or elsewhere. You have control. explains how to make the switch – from first principles to technical how-tos.
What people say about OpenStreetMap

   “Much like Wikipedia challenged Encyclopedia Britannica and Linux took on Microsoft Windows, OpenStreetMap is battling Google
Maps, and at least in some cases, it’s winning.”

Read what Wired has to say about people switching to OpenStreetMap.

   “OpenStreetMap is all about people doing their bit, creating an incredible resource for everybody else.”

Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the web, explains OSM at TED 2009.