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It does not work with an integer zoom level in Mapillary.

I think the solution is =


In which the decimal point \. receives a ? quantifier and the decimals \d receive a * quantifier.

I tried this only in regexr. --written by Philippec

OK it looks like you are right. I will try it tomorrow or later and update. That's the first time I deal with a javascript snippet and regexps. If you verify it before me, feel free to change the page. Thank you! --Thaïti Bob (talk) 20:37, 11 July 2017 (UTC)

But wait, there is more :

I think it is all solved by =


So changing the escaped question mark by one or more any characters except new line.

I tested the bookmarklet and adapted the wiki page. I will test the Wiki page this afternoon. OK tested. It works well, except when you want to see more than tne world.

Let's call this version 2017.07.13.001