FSMK Mapping Party - Reva University (2015)

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This Mapping Party at FSMK Summer Camp is a past event which took place on Sunday 26th July 2015 in REVA University, Yelahanka, Bangalore.


Thanks for everyone who involved in this Mapping party. Below are the snaps of REVA campus before and after the event.

REVA University Campus map before mapping event
REVA University Campus map after mapping event

Old event info

When and Where

Directions to REVA university from Bellahalli cross and Karigenahalli

Lets get together and do some mapping!

  • Date: Sunday 26th July 2015
  • Time: Start at 8:30am
  • Place: REVA University - Yelahanka (Map)

Things to do

  • Field Papers Introduction
  • Field Mapping of the College Campus
  • Editing OpenStreetMap using iD
  • Using OpenStreetMap Data

Getting there