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Colors traditionally used in France

If this image is a demonstration of colors that should be used and displayed on the map, the colors are wrong :

  • for the reference labels of motorways ("An") in France where they are universally white on blue (like most indicators for this type of roads) and other primary roads in the national "Nnn" network or departmental "Dn" network are white on red.
  • The reference labels for the European "Enn" network is universally white on green (just like most other directional indicators on national and departemental trunks), but it is always displayed in addition to the French reference, which may be a "Ann" motorway, a national "Nn" trunk or road or a departemental "Dn" trunk or road.
  • The reference labels of all other ways are black on white (sometimes black on yellow for the principal communal "Cn" roads which are most often not displayed on signposts). (Note that temporary roads will used black on yellow to signal works in progress or exceptional redirections in directional indicators, but they are rarely referenced by a number, unless the works in progress are important will last several years).

Also the colors traditionally used for drawing the lines of motorways in France on maps are bicolor (red on the center of the line, yellow on each side, optionally with another thin red outer border for contrasting the thick yellow sides).

The lines of other ways are colored like the background of the reference labels (ignore the colors of the European references), with thin borders in the same color as the foreground color of the label. – Verdy p 20:56, 18 February 2012 (UTC)