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Philippe Verdy
osm traces carte
Pays France
Région Poitou-Charentes
Département Deux-Sèvres
Ville Niort
Je me localise avec un GPS Android.
J’édite avec JOSM.
Je saute entre 8 cartes avec mapJumper
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Since many months (now years!), I've intensively worked on making this wiki fully (and hopefully easily) translatable, creating the general structure, adapting many templates, fixing links, creating missing categories, so that this wiki is now really international:

  • There's still lot of work to do to, but all the most important (and widely used) contents are now easily found in relevant languages, and all translations are interlinked with version in other languages.
  • As much as possible, I've made it so that translators will have minimum work to do (by making many things with easily translatable templates which are reused across translated pages), and still have their new translations correctly indexed and referenced so that they are really useful and readable for their community, which won't always have to visit English pages to find other related information.
  • All this work required patiently editing or creating thousands pages, categories, and many sucessive edits of utility templates, working with hundreds of languages and scripts used on this wiki (including RTL-written languages for which I have tuned various presentation templates to use the expected reading directions).
  • I make numerous tests in these edits, and attempt to unify things using the same methods and a coherent code style that will help other editors reproduce it for helping in this translation project.
  • I also make sure that some editable templates containing translations are still easy to understand if editors want to add missing translations, limiting the occurence of tricky wiki code within translated items.
  • I constantly monitor some statistic tools offered by this wiki (such as double or broken redirects, and various problem tracking categories, used by the Cleanup WikiProject.
  • I also follow all changes made in every page that I have edited or created in the past, so that I can detect new added problems if they occur. In most cases, only minor and easy fixes are needed: I respect the translated texts and contents created by editors or translators (but I may wikify them a bit and fix some forgotten presentation/layout problems).
  • With this really huge work, this wiki has now many more translators participating and enhancing this wiki for more languages: most participants from around the world will just make minor edits or small corrections, but that's fine like this: I cannot really translate into many languages (even if I can read or understand many of them and determine what was really intended).
  • If you have problems with some templates that don't work as expected (some internal templates are containing tricky details that have been patiently added, or introduced temporarily to avoid breaking things that still need to be reworked), and you cannot find a way to fix them, I'll be happy to help you fix what you don't understand, and explain you what was done.

Independantly of the work on this wiki, I also make many edits in OSM data, usually with JOSM for work on large areas, or sometimes just with iD for very local fixes. I also participate to mapping several countries or areas concerned by HOT projects (notably in Africa), but my work is essentially for the long term general map: for them, I read, compile, compare lots of sources. Also sometimes I will work on enhancing various objects that were initially imported with low precision (creating problems when more items are added around or need to be properly geolocalized).

So my time will be shared between periods of intensive work on this wiki, or intensive work on OSM data, but also time for my personal life (I won't be away of OSM for very long if you contact me, I'll reply in the next hours, but usually not more than 2-3 days if I am in travel).

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