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The OpenStreetMap Wiki provides a place for collaboration, and a source of information related to OSM

The OpenStreetMap Wiki (this website) is a place for help documentation, technical documentation and promotional material on everything related to the OpenStreetMap project. It is not the OpenStreetMap project itself, but rather a documentation store designed to provide guidance for map contributors and users. Spend time to explore this site and discover new things about OpenStreetMap! The Main Page is a good starting point; so is the OSM category tree.


If you have ideas for the wiki, you can generally just do them, by editing the wiki! If you need any assistance the Wikiteam are here to help. We can provide help with general guidance, tables, templates, categories, and so on...

The team is a mix of normal users that manage and update our wiki articles, admins that work on technical requests. We are also Mappers too. Our common interest is the desire to make the wiki more user friendly. Anyone can join the Wikiteam. Its members are not elected or do not have any special role within the wiki. They just agreed to help you and decided on their own to act as janitors and consultants. To join the Wikiteam simply follow the instructions at Template:User WikiTeam.

List of all team members: Category:Wiki Team


The Wikiteam is happy to take requests at Talk:Wiki. Larger restructuring projects can also be discussed in relation to Talk:WikiProject Cleanup, and ongoing maintenance, in relation to Wiki maintenance tasks.


The wiki uses normal tools of the MediaWiki system, of course. The main ones are:

Technical Wiki Details

The wiki is powered by MediaWiki ( See the "Special:Version" page for an up-to-date view of which version we are running, and what extensions are installed. For details of the server it is running on see Servers/wiki (maintained by Admins).

If you have ideas for technical improvements to the way the wiki works (e.g. extensions we should install), please take these to the discussion page here, and/or raise tickets in Talk:WikiProject Cleanup. As always, please do a few searches to see if anyone has already suggested the same thing (including a mailing list google to allow you to link related discussions).


Wiki Dumps / Export

Daily (current page revisions) and weekly (full history) exports of this wiki are available here: