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Kokkola, Finland

latitude: 63.8, longitude: 23.3
Browse map of Kokkola 63°48′00.00″ N, 23°18′00.00″ E
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Kokkola is a city in Finland at latitude 63°48′00.00″ North, longitude 23°18′00.00″ East.

Street names

Kokkola sign fi sv.jpg

In Kokkola all street names are presented in two languages, in Finnish and in Swedish.

Municipal merger 2009

Due to municipal merger Kokkola, Kälviä, Lohtaja and Ullava do form a new bilingual town. Therefore, all street names in formerly Finnish speaking municipalities (Kälviä, Lohtaja, Ullava) are presented in Swedish too.

Tens of duplicate street names did exist in uniting municipalities. To avoid same street names existing in one town, all duplicate street names are changed until the turn of year 2009.

Easter eggs in other maps

  • [1] You can't access E8 from Kruunupyyntie via Petinintie by car. Petinintie (strictly, this particular section of this street) is a cul-de-sac. E8 can only be accessed via a thin path over rather deep ditch by foot or bicycle (if you dare to try).
  • [2] Palokankaantie is not residential road all the way. This road is divided by short section of cycleway not accessible by car.
  • [3] Long part of Laivanvarustajankatu missing.
  • [4] Kreksarintie does not exist, at least not here and not like that.
  • [5] You can't access Tehtaankatu from Merkuriuksenkuja by car. Instead, there is a footway, which does not provide access over dual carriageway, though.
  • [6] Missing connection from Mäntykangas to Antti Chydeniuksenkatu.
  • [7] Falanderinkatu does not reach Herman Renlundinkatu (there is no road between Kansakoulukatu and Herman Renlundinkatu).
  • [8] Mariankatu has a Swedish name Mariegatan, not Båthusgatan.
  • [9] There is no connection from Välskärinkatu to Matruusinkatu via Horninkatu.
  • [10] Kankurinkatu is a cul-de-sac. Service road near the end is connected by short cycleway.
  • [11] Suolapolku does not exist.
  • [12] Ouluntie has a Swedish name Uleåvägen, not Storåsvägen.
  • [13] Misspelled Janssonintie.
  • [14] It's Antti Chydeniuksenkatu all the way until Pohjoisväylä (not Rödsöntie).
  • [15] Ahertajantie has a Swedish name Knegarevägen (not Parkvägen).
  • [16] Turkistarhaajantie does not go across Pohjoisväylä.
  • [17] Outokummuntie has a Swedish name Outokumpuvägen (not Lundvägen).
  • [18] Eteläväylä has a Swedish name Södraleden (not Linjevägen)
  • [19] Isopurjeentie has a Swedish name Storsegelvägen (not Envägen).
  • [20] There is no connection from Isonkiventie to Kankkosentie.
  • [21] Misspelled Mottisenkatu (sv: Måttisgatan).
  • [22] Misspelled Bredviksvägen (fi: Laajalahdentie).
  • [23] Misspelled Låglandsvägen (fi: Matalamaantie).
  • [24] Läntinen Kirkkokatu has a Swedish name Västra Kyrkogatan (not Åkervägen).
  • [25] You can't access Pohjoisväylä from Huvilakatu and Raahenkatu.
  • [26] Misspelled Kivitorinpolku (Kälviä).