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Jump to navigation Jump to search (website) is a fork of the OpenStreetMap database, designed to keep the CC-BY-SA license (OSM's data license before the switch to ODbL in September 2012) and thereby keep all the data compatible with it.

As of June 2022 the data of is outdated a lot.


It is a work-in-progress, although the data and a limited read/write API are already running. It is possible to configure JOSM to use the server for downloads and uploads of data. It is also possible to use Merkaartor with patches applied

There are patches for the revert scripts

See also

  • The discussion group is here [1].
  • There is an ideascale setup [2] and a discussion group.
  • There is a twitter account [3] and a hashtag #fosm_maps.
  • there is a wiki [4] .
  • The google plus page is, [5].
  • The facebook page [6].
  • There is a set of github repo [7].
  • The community blog [8].