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The 2nd Annual General Meeting of the OpenStreetMap Foundation was held at the offices of CloudMade Ltd on Saturday 30 August 2008.

The information on this page is derived from the 'informal meeting notes' that are available on the Foundation web site. Formal minutes will be available on the OSMF website 'in due course'. For official information regarding AGM and other foundation matters refer the to Foundation website.

Chairman's Report

Steve observed that the number of registered users had risen from 12,000 to 59,000 with 1,000 new registrations in a single day (28th August 2008) [note: the informal meeting notes state that this was on 29th Sept 2008 which can not be correct]. The organisation was maturing with volunteers taking up specific separate roles in coding, server administration, the OSMF board and other areas. As well as a significant force for social good, the ethos and activities of OSM are legitimizing in the commercial world too, as ITO, Cloudmade and Geofabrik testify.

Treasurer's Report

Etienne presented a brief finanical report for the 11 months noting an income of £17,000 and expenses of £14,000 and retained earnings of £2,500.

The main source of income had been commercial sponsorship and registration fees for the State Of The Map 2008 Conference. Donations and membership fees also played an important role.

The main expenditure was for the conference (hire of the conference facility etc), also £3,500 on hardware and £600 pounds on legal advice on transferring to the new license, currently know as the Open Database License. The other item of significant expenditure was for travel to promote OSM at key conferences and meetings.

The general trend of the Foundation’s finances is gently upwards. Setting aside one generous large anonymous donation of 6,000 pounds in the previous year, the rate of donations is particularly encouragingly up and much appreciated. There was a significant number of amounts in the 15 to 100 pound range.

Election of officers

The new board was elected as follow:

  • Etienne Cherdlu (30 votes) Re-elected
  • Andy Robinson (29 votes) Re-elected
  • Nick Black (25 votes) Newly elected
  • Michael Collinson (25 votes) Re-elected
  • Mikel Maron (25 votes) Re-elected
  • Henk Hoff (19 votes) Newly elected
  • Grant Slater (18 votes)
  • Simone Cortesi (11 votes)
  • Richard Weait (10 votes)

(The Chairman’s position was not up for re-election in 2008)

The Chairman welcomed new board members Nick Black and Henk Hoff and thanked retiring members Richard Fairhurst and Corey Burger as well as all who had put themselves forward in the election.