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Fraternities are clubs of students and/or former students and in some rare cases even non-students (non academic fraternities).

Right now, there exist

fraternities tagged as key=fraternity and there are more than 100 amenities with value fraternity right now.

There exist around 1000 fraternities just in Germany. It is useful to stick to existing tagging models instead of creating new ones, before more fraternities are mapped and more tagging models get created.

How to tag

The tagging follows two models, with none of them officially approved:


This method uses simply amenity=fraternity and fraternity=* to specify it. It is currently the most often used method.


This associates fraternities to social_centre as a subgroup. The method uses

social_centre=* is one of the tags, which can be used in the BE version and the AE version, though the BE version is more widely used.

Other considerable tagging methods

The following tagging styles are not use, but should be considered


In general a fraternity is a social club, but the tag leisure=social_club is proposed to be merged with club=*.


Fraternities are not listed in club=* but could possibly associated with it. But club=* is not structured very well, because it is not defined which tags must or may be used in combination.

subtags and additional tags

There are several tags which should be used in context of fraternities