Fresno County, California

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Fresno County, Central Valley, California

latitude: 36.702, longitude: -119.963
Browse map of Fresno County 36°42′07.20″ N, 119°57′46.80″ W
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Fresno County is a county in Central Valley, California at latitude 36°42′07.20″ North, longitude 119°57′46.80″ West.

Fresno County is an example of what can be done with parcel data imports, but it is also an example of the dangers of importing individual parcel data. Fresno County gave permission to add their parcel data to OSM. The data set was extensive. It included exactly what the parcel was used for, many of which could be translated into OSM. It even included down to what individual crop was grown. It did not include addresses, but these could easily be added later in areas that are surveyed. Some of the parcels were empty or did not translate into an OSM value and need to be surveyed later on to see what the land use is.

Items still to fix

  • Align areas with streets
  • Fill in missing area designation
  • Add denomination to places of worship
  • Eliminate duplicate areas
  • Turn areas of planned unit development to buildings
  • Change surrounding land use of planned unit developments to residential
  • Join commercial, industrial and farm areas that are touching and the same
  • Add missing streets
  • Remove natural=water tags from some landuse areas
  • Remove shop=car from certain lots that include parking
  • Extend scrub along river border to both sides of river
  • Change amenity=school tagged incorrectly on some parcels to landuse=meadow
  • Align misaligned areas on rural county land to match land features. Projection might be slightly off causing them to not align in several areas.