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California, United States, North America

latitude: 37.05, longitude: -119.63
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California is a state in United States, North America at latitude 37°03′00.00″ North, longitude 119°37′48.00″ West.

Getting started

Consult our guide to mapping in California, which complements the global tagging reference. If you are mapping based on street-level imagery, the California MUTCD reference pages make it easy to translate what you see into detailed tags.


Get in touch with other California mappers:

The San Francisco Bay Area also has a local mailing list and meetups you can join.


The following pages keep track of our progress in mapping certain kinds of features that are mapped as relations:

We are also tracking a number of imports of open data. As of January 2022, there is an ongoing discussion of moving the state to an importance-based trunk highway classification scheme.

Without an "import everything" attitude, since 2019 the California Protected Areas Database has had select polygons from it curated into OSM, frequently to clarify "park boundaries" or other boundary=protected_areas. See California/Using_CPAD_data for suggestions on how OSM might best use these data. The data's publisher, GreenInfo, asks (but does not require) that OSM gives source attribution as these ODbL-compliant data enter OSM.


There are 58 counties in California. This list is not exhaustive. Please use template at Creating city pages to create new pages.


The San Francisco Bay Area is sometimes known as 9-county, sometimes as 11-county, when the Monterey Bay Area is included, San Benito County is the often-omitted 12th.