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Texas, United States, North America

latitude: 30.5, longitude: -98.8
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Texas is a state in United States, North America at latitude 30°30′00.00″ North, longitude 98°48′00.00″ West.

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Texas Natural Resources Information System

Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS) is a reliable state resource that provides high quality historic and current geospatial data products, including but not limited to, aerial imagery, Lidar data points, address points, road database, public recreation grounds, and hydrographic data. All data products provided by TNRIS are in the public domain.

  • Address Points Collection of address points for each county from various 9-1-1 service providers and updated every two years. These points are one of the most accurate sources of data for house numbers and street names available to the public. This dataset also includes names for privately maintained roads, such as private ranch roads, not available anywhere else.
  • Land Parcels Datasets of land parcels or plots for each county from the county's appraisal district. The quality of the data varies greatly between counties. When the data is well maintained and up to date, the dataset can be used as a source for addresses. However, caution is needed as multiple addresses can exist within a single parcel and the address data is not always the same as the physical address used by the parcel's occupants.
  • Texas National Agriculture Imagery Program 2018 (NAIP) Updated every two years at a resolution of 60cm per pixel. For most rural areas this will be the most up to date imagery available. The State of Texas maintains a mirror of the imagery providing quick and reliable access. This mirror should be used whenever possible. WMS
  • Texas Orthoimagery Program 2015 (TOP) The hightest resolution imagery available in rural areas at 50cm per pixel. WMS

Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) proves GIS data focusing on the natural and cultural resources of Texas. All provided GIS information are in the public domain.

  • TPWD Public Rest Services Directory GIS feature servers offering the latest information. Used to power the public facing interactive maps available on the department's website.
    • Here is an example of a request for the latest state park boundaries information in GeoJSON with typical EPSG 4326 coordinate formatting, suitable for overlay in the iD editor:


Texas Department of Transportation

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDot) maintains a large assortment of gis datasets relating to highways.

Other state GIS resources


In cases where it is not clear, users have documented permission to use certain GIS resources on the global contributors page.