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Utah, United States

latitude: 39.25, longitude: -111.75
Browse map of Utah 39°15′00.00″ N, 111°45′00.00″ W
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Utah is a state in the United States at latitude 39°15′00.00″ North, longitude 111°45′00.00″ West.


  • There's a #local-utah channel on the OSM US Slack.


  • Mapping UTA stops/platforms and amenities around them. Important now are entering public_transport=stop_position (as a node on the rail) and public_transport=platforms on TRAX Red and Blue light_rail lines. The relations are emerging as fully v2 (not there yet, call them "partial"), but without all well-tagged stops and platforms, these relations remain "lines under construction." Map your train ride!
  • UTA route relations, see Utah/Transit for bus routes and Utah/Railroads for passenger train route links/data (with "status colors" in tables).
  • Cycle Networks. United_States/Bicycle_Networks is an international/national/state-regional/local overview of bicycle routing "around here" (North America). It is often simpler to tag "infrastructure first" (tags like cycleway=lane or bicycle=yes on ways) and then complete route=bicycle relations with those elements as members of the route. Entering proposed routes can be sensitive; strive to meet a "high bar standard" of actual or nearly-actual route if you enter proposed routes. (Serious proposals, well-mapped, known funding...these are all a good start). Routes under construction, too: know they are funded, construction is scheduled and/or underway, signage plans, etc. before tagging these. Construction really means "construction."
  • Utah/UtahBuildingsImport is a project to import Utah building and address data. Currently it is only active in Salt Lake City, but help in other areas is welcome.
  • Clean up unimproved rural roads from TIGER import. There is a MapRoulette project that breaks down the issues per county: https://maproulette.org/admin/project/39560
  • Cache Valley Addresses Import

Data Sources

Waiver Letter

The state has made a wide range of GIS data available through its UGIC Data Portal. The license for most of the datasets is Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0), but the UGRC office has signed a waiver so we can use those datasets to improve OSM.

Aerial Imagery

High resolution aerial imagery sources are available from AGRC, but most of them require a license agreement. It is unlikely any of these layers can legally be used to improve OSM.