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Utah, United States

latitude: 39.25, longitude: -111.75
Browse map of Utah 39°15′00.00″ N, 111°45′00.00″ W
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Utah is a state in the United States at latitude 39°15′00.00″ North, longitude 111°45′00.00″ West.


  • There's a #utah channel on the OSM US Slack.


  • Mapping UTA stops/platforms and amenities around them. Important now are entering public_transport=stop_position (as a node on the rail) and public_transport=platforms on TRAX Red and Blue light_rail lines. The relations are emerging as fully v2 (not there yet, call them "partial"), but without all well-tagged stops and platforms, these relations remain "lines under construction." Map your train ride!
  • UTA route relations, see Utah/Transit for bus routes and Utah/Railroads for passenger train route links/data (with "status colors" in tables).
  • Cycle Networks. United_States/Bicycle_Networks is an international/national/state-regional/local overview of bicycle routing "around here" (North America). It is often simpler to tag "infrastructure first" (tags like cycleway=lane or bicycle=yes on ways) and then complete route=bicycle relations with those elements as members of the route. Entering proposed routes can be sensitive; strive to meet a "high bar standard" of actual or nearly-actual route if you enter proposed routes. (Serious proposals, well-mapped, known funding...these are all a good start). Routes under construction, too: know they are funded, construction is scheduled and/or underway, signage plans, etc. before tagging these. Construction really means "construction."
  • Utah/UtahBuildingsImport is a project to import Utah building and address data. Currently it is only active in Salt Lake City, but help in other areas is welcome.

Data Sources

The state has a wide range of GIS data resources available, most of which are in the public domain and can be used to improve OSM. There is a list here.

Aerial Imagery

The state has 6 inch resolution aerial imagery available for the Wasatch Front, described [1].

The following URL can be used to display high resolution aerial imagery of the state as a base layer in JOSM.