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Delaware, United States

latitude: 38.964, longitude: -75.522
Browse map of Delaware 38°57′50.40″ N, 75°31′19.20″ W
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Delaware is a state in the United States at latitude 38°57′50.40″ North, longitude 75°31′19.20″ West. The state's eastern border is composed entirely of coastline with a water border against the state of New Jersey. The state's northern border is with the state of Pennsylvania while on the west and south it shares a border with the state of Maryland.

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Tagging suggestions


NoName map screenshot, 26 Dec 2012


The official Delaware standard sign set appears in the April 2009 publication "Standard Signs". For signs which are not rendered as icons (highway=stop might be the only one rendered at present), recommend using traffic_sign=* and traffic_sign_ref=*; the value for 'traffic_sign_ref' would be drawn from the standard sign set publication. For examples, see node 618492134 and node 618492182.

Interstate, US and State numbered highways

Main article: Delaware/Highway Relations

DelDOT Maintenance Numbers

Maintenance road numbers used by DelDOT are being converted to ref:deldot=*. Given their small size where they appear, not readily noticeable by drivers, so they should be removed from the standard ref=* tag. Small markers with these numbers appear on poles with other signage. Many secondary names imported from TIGER contain "Road XXX" or "County Road XXX", and appeared in different formats, such as ref=Road XXX. ref=RD XXX, ref=Rd XXX, etc.

Reference numbers overlay signed routes and do not always match the currently signed number. For example in Sussex County, DE 1 along the shoreline uses reference road number 14, its former route number. US 13 uses reference numbers 1-4 for different segments; reference number 13 remains on the old alignment of US 13.


Significant progress has been made through the end of 2012 to decrease the roadways which lack a name. Delaware stands out visually against surrounding states on the NoName map maintained by user:SimonPoole.


Name Traffic type Relation
C&D Canal Bridge Motor vehicles relation 383762


Delaware has three counties: New Castle, Sussex and Kent.[1]

Name Relation Notes
New Castle relation 1245077 relation is not closed
Kent relation 1245078
Sussex relation 1245079

County Roads

Typically marked as tertiary highways

New Castle County

Cities, towns, villages, etc.

Places in New Castle County

Placename Place type (admin_level) Relation, Way or Node Details
W:Arden, Delaware Village (8) Relation relation 2667820
W:Ardencroft, Delaware Village Node node 158477564
W:Ardentown, Delaware Village (8) Way way 33502424
W:Bellefonte, Delaware Town Node node 158328339
W:Delaware City, Delaware City (8) Way way 33502426
W:Hockessin, Delaware Census Designated Place (8) Relation relation 367262
W:New Castle, Delaware City (8) Relation relation 117170
W:Newark, Delaware City (8) Relation relation 384312
W:North Star, Delaware Census Designated Place (8) Relation relation 365738
W:Pike Creek, Delaware Census Designated Place (8) Relation relation 364708
W:Wilmington, Delaware City (8) Relation relation 369472

Places in Sussex County

Placename Place type (admin_level) Relation, Way or Node
Seaford City (8) w33502349 b j


Name Type States Relation or way Status statement
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Canal DE MD relation 375039
Nanticoke River River DE MD relation 1658933 River course and riverbank complete from southern Delaware through Maryland to Chesapeake Bay. However, head of river not clear and requires additional information to clarify.

Public Protected Lands


For all state owned public lands in Delaware, the following tags may be used:

  type=multipolygon (only if a relation)

In addition, the following tags can be present if applicable:


Discouraged Tagging

Absolutely NO LANDUSE should be associated with public lands. While it may appear that a State Forest is mostly wooded and it would be appropriate to add a natural=wood tag, this is usually a gross oversimplification. It is preferable to add landuse features as separate polygons.

In addition, the following tags are discouraged. If you see these, verify that they can be replaced with something else:

  leisure=park, this tag may be acceptable for small, manicured state parks. If this is the case, use this tag in place of leisure=nature_reserve.
  boundary=national_park, this tag should be reserved for de jure national parks.
  park:type=*, deprecated, use protection_title=* instead.
  boundary:type=*, deprecated, use protection_title=* instead.
protection_title=* protect_class=* owner=* operator=* website=* wikipedia=*
State Forest 7 State Department of Natural Resources DE Forest Service en:List of Delaware state forests
State Wildlife Areas 4 State Department of Natural Resources DE Division of Fish & Wildlife en:List of Delaware state wildlife areas

State Forests

State Forest boundaries should conform to instructions for for boundary=protected_area and United States/Public .

  name= * * (If there are separately named tracts, use name format of "<area name> - <tract name>")
  operator=DE Forest Service
  owner=State Department of Natural Resources
  protection_title=State Forest
  type=multipolygon (only if a relation)
  wikipedia=en:List of Delaware state forests
Name Tract Relation or way Status statement
Blackbird State Forest Maps Barlow way 915298213 Tagged correctly.
Cypress Complex relation 12423351 Tagged correctly.
Dulany Manor way 915310807 Tagged correctly.
Jones way 915309936 Tagged correctly.
Meadows way 915298512 Tagged correctly.
Naudain way 915309538 Tagged correctly.
Oak Hill relation 12423356 Tagged correctly.
Headquarters - Tybout relation 12423311 Tagged correctly.
White Road way 915304479 Tagged correctly.
Wright way 915300100 Tagged correctly.
Redden State Forest Maps Appenzellar relation 12417814 Tagged correctly.
Bailey way 914846005 Tagged correctly.
Barr way 914848607 Tagged correctly.
Chesapeake relation 12418230 Tagged correctly.
Collins Pond way 914875116 Tagged correctly.
Day way 914875463 Tagged correctly.
Deep Creek way 914894485 Tagged correctly.
Ellendale relation 12418388 Tagged correctly.
Eskridge relation 12418400 Tagged correctly.
Headquarters relation 12418407 Tagged correctly.
Jester relation 12417639 Tagged correctly.
Long way 914899682 Tagged correctly.
Marvel way 914900311 Tagged correctly.
Owens relation 12418410 Tagged correctly.
Rayne relation 12418432 Tagged correctly.
Sill way 914904039 Tagged correctly.
Townsend way 914904593 Tagged correctly.
Tunnell relation 12418439 Tagged correctly.
Taber State Forest Maps way 915249511 Tagged correctly.

State Wildlife Areas

State Forest boundaries should conform to instructions for for boundary=protected_area and United States/Public .

  name=* (If there are separately named tracts, use name format of "<area name> - <tract name>")
  operator=DE Division of Fish & Wildlife
  owner=State Department of Natural Resources
  protection_title=Wildlife Area
  type=multipolygon (only if a relation)
  wikipedia=en:List of Delaware state wildlife areas
County Name Tract Relation or way Status Statement
New Castle C& D Canal Conservation Area
Augustine Wildlife Area
Cedar Swamp Wildlife Area
Eagles Nest Wildlife Area
DNERR Blackbird Creek Reserve also DNERR Refuge relation 12582886 Tagged correctly
McKinley relation 12582887 Tagged correctly
Kent Woodland Beach Wildlife Area Goldsborough/Ennis/Cabin relation 12586227 Tagged correctly
Lighthouse Island way 931138850 Tagged correctly
McKay way 931138849 Tagged Correctly
Blackiston Wildlife Area relation 12586359 Tagged correctly
Little Creek Wildlife Area Main relation 12587201 Tagged correctly
Davey Crockett relation 12587202 Tagged correctly
Tarburton way 931228967 Tagged correctly
Ted Harvey Conservation Area Roberts

way 931238347

Tagged correctly
Island Farm relation 12587299 Tagged correctly
Wilson-Slaughter (also known as

Saint Jones Reserve)

way 882602914 Tagged correctly
Logan Lane way 931238350 Tagged correctly
Morris way 931238349 Tagged correctly
Buckaloo way 931238348 Tagged correctly
Tappahanna Wildlife Area
Norman G. Wilder Wildlife Area Bennett way 920565634 Tagged correctly
Caulk way 920565627 Tagged correctly
Willow Grove relation 12475254 Tagged correctly
Bartsch relation 12475255 Tagged correctly
Petersburg relation 12475256 Tagged correctly
McGinnis Pond Wildlife Area
Milford Neck Wildlife Area
Sussex Prime Hook Wildlife Area
Marshy Hope Wildlife Area
Old Furnace Wildlife Area
Nanticoke Wildlife Area
Midlands Wildlife Area
Assawoman Wildlife Area
Industrial Forest Land - Barr Complex
Industrial Forest Land - Laurel Complex


  1. Wikipedia article: List of counties in Delaware