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Florida, United States, North America

latitude: 27.78, longitude: -83.77
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Florida is a state in United States, North America at latitude 27°46′48.00″ North, longitude 83°46′12.00″ West.


All of the TIGER (US Census) data has been loaded, but needs lots of cleanup. Some areas have already been updated. The quality of the original TIGER varies by county. Urban areas have seen more cleanup and new mapping activity than rural areas. Large swaths of rural areas are virtually untouched.

The overall mapping community in Florida is small, but is seeing signs of growth. A small number of mappers have done a large amount of work in Florida, including a good number of remote arm-chair mappers. The Tampa / St Pete area probably has the largest concentration of active mappers and has a growing community of local mappers. Other counties have one or two prolific local mappers who are making major contributions.

Publicly Available Data

Note that, due to the Microdecisions, Inc. v. Skinner court decision, all public records in Florida are public domain and not legally copyrightable.This includes records produced by any agent of the Florida government, such as counties, cities, districts, regions, and any other public offices or bodies established by law. Thus, you can use any public GIS data you find on official county or city websites or through public records requests (as long as they are cities or counties in Florida, as other states may have different laws) as a source for OSM data. Also, all federally produced data is public domain as well, such as the USGS topo maps.

Data Sources

Below is an incomplete list of potential data sources; please add any that you find:

  • Florida Geographic Data Library (state-wide database of public GIS data maintained by the University of Florida with over 400 layers; may be slightly outdated sometimes so be careful)

Route Relations

A log of route relations for the state of Florida can be found here.

Tagging ideas for Florida

References for more general information about what to use to tag each kind of road. United States roads tagging, Editing Standards and Conventions, highway tag usage and Interstate Highways Relations.

Since there are multiple governments involved in building/maintaining roads, and there doesn't seem to be usable correlation of what they call a road to the types used in OpenStreetMap, road types need to be done by judgment. The following guidelines are for urban areas, and are loosened for rural and tightened in dense urban to avoid making everything secondary or larger in an area.


Grade separated from other roads with access via on/off ramps with merge lanes. A divided road of at least 2 lanes each direction (the only exception being FL 570 near Lakeland). No signal lights or intersections. All "Interstates" or other divided and limited access roads called "Freeway", "Highway", "Turnpike", or "Expressway". Speed limits generally 55MPH or higher.


Typically the end of state motorways or US motorways. Very few intersections. Speed limits usually 40 MPH or higher.


Always US highways, also important State highways that serve, for example, as a link from an Interstate to a US highway or town. Speed limits usually 40 MPH or higher. Mainly roads that connect two or more cities.


Most county roads that run through urban areas/connect larger towns/connect 3 or more towns regardless of size, or other major roads in urban areas. If the county road parallels a state/US road (not an Interstate), the county road is tertiary. Also can mean less busy state roads that connect lesser towns, or in urban areas are not extremely important nor the best route to its destination, qualify as secondary. Speed limits generally 35 MPH or higher.


Since most towns and villages are connected primarily by state roads and US roads, tertiary roads usually refer to the less busy county roads, and main connector roads through neighborhoods. Speed limits generally 25 MPH or higher. It also can refer to roads without a ref=* that connect towns, in addition to the criteria listed above. Unlike other major routes, this type of road is seen as acceptable to end with no other exit (i.e., dead end).


Not necessarily used in the interconnecting grid network, but more commonly used as a road that would have the residential tag, but with no houses. Speed limits generally 35 MPH or lower.


Primarily subdivision roads with housing on one or both sides. Not normally used for through traffic. Speed limits generally 30 MPH or lower.


Some mappers use this tag for paved roads that have a speed limit of 15 MPH or lower (or no speed limit), especially roads that end in a 'cul de sac' and might have a Children at Play sign. No roads should stem off of a living street.


No population. Many hamlets with no population tags are actually place=locality, unless the area is an unincorporated community. Try Wikipedia for that info. If none is found, use place=locality. Examples: Italia, FL


Population 1-3. Examples: Sisco, FL


Population lower than 1,000, but higher than 3. Examples: Branford, FL; Fort White, FL


Population 1,000-10,000, but can certainly be relaxed if the population is above 9,500. Examples: Malabar, FL; Indialantic, FL


Population 10,000-50,000 Examples: Fort Pierce, FL; Cocoa, FL


Population 50,000+ Examples: Orlando, FL; Tampa, FL; Palm Bay, FL; Jacksonville, FL; Miami, FL; Melbourne, FL


Florida counties.jpg

If you are doing some editing in one or more Florida counties, please add your comments here. These are some current observations as of April 2011.

Florida county TIGER statuses
County Note
Alachua Original TIGER was okay; but not great. Not much work has been done. UF campus could use a lot of help. Come on Gator fans!
Bay Original TIGER pretty good. A few rough spots.
Brevard Original TIGER was okay. A lot of work has gone into re-aligning streets; adding water features; and in some cases more detail such as schools areas; buildings; parks; golf courses and more but mostly in central to south Brevard. Still more to do.
Broward Original TIGER was pretty bad. A lot of work has gone into re-aligning streets; adding water features; and in some cases more detail such as schools areas; buildings; parks; golf courses and more. Still more to do.
Calhoun Original TIGER pretty bad. Not to the level of junk; but a lot of re-aligning to do.
Citrus Original TIGER was pretty bad. Some scattered street re-alignment; but a long way to go. Citrus has some large areas of residential street networks built in the 1960s that are still today not fully populated.
Columbia Original TIGER was pretty bad. Major street re-alignment in Lake City.
Dixie Original TIGER had displacement issues. Major roads were on-target. Cleaned up almost all of the streets; and converted the backwoods trails from 'residential' to 'track'. Added many abandoned rail spurs from the logging period 1900-1930. Conversion of traditional street names to 911 names in progress. Added POI for most businesses in Cross City and Old Town.
Duval Original TIGER decent. Still work to do.
Escambia Original TIGER decent. Still work to do.
Franklin Original TIGER was pretty bad. Major street re-alignment along the coast; especially Apalachicola; Carrabelle; St George Island; and Alligator Point.
Gilchrist Original TIGER was passable for a beginning. Added a few recent subdivisions that were missing. Added POI for most businesses in Trenton and Bell.
Highlands Original TIGER pretty good.
Holmes Original TIGER pretty good.
Indian River Original TIGER street alignment not good. A lot of work has gone into re-aligning streets.
Jackson Original TIGER street alignment not good in urban areas. Rural areas seem OK; but not great.
Jefferson Original TIGER street alignment not good. Some cleanup of streets in Monticello.
Lee Original TIGER decent and mostly cleaned up. Road alignment and naming is quite good, however highway classifications still need some work.
Leon Original TIGER decent. Major street realignment in a few parts of Tallahassee.
Levy Original TIGER pretty bad. Cedar Key mostly cleaned up. Cleaned up TIGER for Chiefland; Fanning Springs and points in between. Added many POI for businesses in both.
Liberty Original TIGER pretty bad. Not to the level of junk; but a lot of re-aligning to do.
Martin Original TIGER pretty good. Some work cleaning it up.
Miami-Dade Original TIGER decent. Some work has been done; but many areas could use street re-alignment. 20k+ ways unedited.
Monroe Original TIGER status unknown. Major street re-alignment throughout the Keys.
Nassau Original TIGER pretty bad. Not to the level of junk; but a lot of re-aligning to do.
Okeechobee Original TIGER pretty good.
Orange Original TIGER status unknown. Major street realignment and additional features added across the county. Disney area looks awesome.
Osceola Original TIGER is good in some places and bad in others. Most streets appear to be un-reviewed. I am working through the Saint Cloud and Narcoossee areas. Valerietheblonde (talk) 03:17, 4 April 2016 (UTC)
Palm Beach Original TIGER pretty good.
Pasco Original TIGER has poor alignment. A lot of realigning done; more to go.
Polk Original TIGER was decent. Some strange issues in Polk; including braided ways (mostly fixed) and over-noded ways that do not follow straight lines or have proper curvature (Many of these left to fix).
Putnam Original TIGER has poor alignment. A lot of realigning done; more to go.
Santa Rosa
Seminole Original TIGER has poor alignment. Some realigning done; lots more to go.
St Johns Original TIGER pretty good.
St Lucie Original TIGER street alignment not good. A lot of work has gone into re-aligning streets.
Suwannee Original TIGER street alignment not good. Major street re-alignment in Live Oak.
Volusia Original TIGER not good alignment. Some areas have been realigned; but much more to go.
Wakulla Original TIGER street alignment not good. A lot of work to do.
Washington Original TIGER pretty good. A few rough spots.



%age complete
ZIP City Tracks Mapped Labeled Notes
32901, 32902, 32904, 32912, 32934, 32935, 32936, 32940, 32941 Melbourne, Florida 45%? 32940 is mapped 100%. Other areas not as much. Working on 32934 & 32935 right now. All roads not in TIGER data should be present. --Panther37 16:45, 23 March 2011 (UTC)
Orlando, Florida TIGER data needs to be cleaned up, newer data is significantly shifted and wrong scale from Yahoo data. Spot checks of Yahoo data has been correctly placed.
32135, 32142, 32164, 32174 Palm Coast, Florida 90%
St. Petersburg, Florida
Tampa, Florida
32940, 32955 Viera, Florida 100% TIGER import was missing about half of the streets. All cleaned up now --Panther37 02:20, 14 March 2011 (UTC)
32950 Malabar, Florida 100% Streets reäligned, woods added. --Floridaeditor (talk) 13:47, 21 May 2020 (UTC)


Appears that some NHD imports have been done in scattered areas. A good bit of hand tracing water features in scattered areas. A coordinated effort is needed to add the remaining lakes and rivers. In addition, many miles of coastline need re-alignment/improvement.

Land Cover

A land cover import is being proposed. The data is produced by the five Water Management Districts in Florida. The idea is to start with water. This is in the early stages of discussion. Some manual importing of water polygons from thebeen done to date.



See Florida/Railroads for a very early wiki seed.

Administrative Boundaries

Some areas of improvement utilizing high accuracy municipal sources for reference. Much more to go.

Land Use

Small amounts of improvements scattered around.


National Trails

Name OSM ID Notes
Florida National Scenic Trail way 1163455 The Florida Trail relation 1163455 has been mapped in the Central Florida area with a bit of work in the panhandle. Much remains to be done North and Southwest of the Ocala National Forest and South of Three Lakes WMA. You can compare OSM to the official webmap to see where to begin and download the KMZ to get cracking.
East Coast Greenway way 1774795

Regional/State Trails

Name OSM ID Notes
Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail not started
Van Fleet State Trail way 2113722
Shingle Creek Regional Trail way 1828311
Palatka-to-Saint-Augustine State Trail way 2117349
Palatka-Lake Butler State Trail way 1802107
Gainesville-Hawthorne State Trail way 2117060
Nature Coast State Trail way 2117070
Tallahassee-Saint Marks Historic Railroad State Trail way 2117079

Local Trails

Name OSM ID County Notes
West Orange Trail way 1804419 Orange
Chain of Lakes Trail way 2117055 Polk
Fort Fraser Trail way 1822301 Polk
Old Fort King Trail way 2128308 Hillsborough
South Lake Trail way 1804418 Lake
Orlando Urban Trail way 2094208 Orange
Cross Seminole Trail way 1804413 Seminole
Seminole Wekiva Trail way 1804417 Seminole
Depot Avenue Rails-to-Trails Bike Path way 2117056 Alachua
Suwannee River Greenway at Branford way 2117077 Suwannee
O'Leno to Ichetucknee Trail way 2117072 Columbia
Capital Circle Trail way 2117892 Leon

Protected Areas / Parks / Nature Reserves

Protected areas are mapped areas with specific protections established by a governing body, such as the federal or local government. Protected areas are typically mapped with the protected_area schema, as well as land use and amenity tags, such as park and nature reserves.

National Areas

Several national protected areas, e.g. national parks, have been mapped. A full review and catalog does not exist.

National Parks

There are 22 national park polygons in Florida on OpenStreetMap as of March 2016. According the National Park Service, there are only 11 national parks in Florida, thus some of these may need to be combined into multipolygons.

Park Park Type OSM ID Notes
Big Cypress National Preserve way 80516168
Biscayne National Park way 160032399
Canaveral National Seashore relation 1201571 Note on the Map, however the Merritt Island NWR may encompass parts of it.
Castillo De San Marcos National Monument way 142083319
De Soto National Memorial way 116594187
Dry Tortugas National Park relation 4437721
Everglades National Park relation 2163707
Fort Caroline National Memorial node 358696045 Needs mapping
Fort Matanzas National Monument relation 2000675
Gulf Islands National Seashore relation 6068104 Recently connected all parts
Gullah/Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor Not NPS operated
Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve Does not appear to be mapped at all

State Areas

Local Areas

Everglades Agricultural Area boundary is dated and needs replacement & updating. It was originally mapped by NE2 a few years back using levees as boundaries. A new proposal is underway to update this boundary.

Golf Courses

Scattered mapping of various quality.

Tourist Attractions

Scattered mapping of various quality. Florida's #1 economic engine - show me the attractions! The Disney World resort is of high quality, the expansions to The Magic Kingdom will be mapped as they open.

Lodging and Dining

Small amounts of scattered mapping.

Street Addresses

Virtually non-existant?

Power Network

Many developments have been made to the power network recently, especially in South Florida.

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