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Floridaeditor Tagging Ideas


Link on and off of roads with motorway_link ONLY. No at-grades except for official use. Only motor vehicles allowed (no foot, bikes, etc.) Most Interstates except for I-40 in extreme Western North Carolina (at-grades), the end of I-19 in Arizona (at-grades), at-grades in rural Texas and New Mexico on I-10, and the end of I-5 in Washington (crosswalk). Example: I-95


Properties include

  • speed limit above 35 mph
  • divided with a median for at least most of its lifespan, however, this is a property only to be excluded if the road meets all other qualities.
  • very few at-grade intersections (maximum of about 5 per county)

Also remember that if a trunk has few at-grades for about 5 miles, but for 10 miles it has many, split the way to trunk<freeway properties>-primary<many intersections> or lower. Example: Pineda Causeway (USBR 1 runs on it, making it NOT a motorway.)


This should be any state road that links two towns or cities that both of the populations are above 25,000. If it links 3 or more towns, cities, or even hamlets, it deserves the primary tag. All US roads are primary, and major state roads are as well. If a state road links an Interstate or US road to another US road, it deserves primary, in other situations (CR or no ref) it deserves secondary or tertiary, depending on certain factors like how busy it is. Example: FL 514.


This should be any road that is a major thoroughfare through the city, all urban or important County Roads that do not parallel a US or State Road, or links two towns with a population of <25,000, villages, or hamlets. If it links two towns or cities that both have a population of 25,000 or more, it should be upgraded to primary. If it links 3 towns, cities, or hamlets, it should be upgraded to primary. Example: CR 509 in Brevard County.


This should be any road that is a moderate/minor thoroughfare through the city, unimportant county roads/county roads paralleling US or State Roads, or has many unclassifieds/residentials intersecting it, is longer than the majority of the roads in the neighborhood, and also ends at a road that is graded tertiary or higher. If the road continues past the tertiary+ and then ends at a residential, split the way into tertiary->residential. Also could connect a hamlet to a village/town, as long as the road starts in the town and dead-ends at the hamlet. Example: Dairy Road in Melbourne, FL.


This should be any road that ranks lower than a tertiary, but has more businesses/industrials than houses. Also could connect two hamlets, as long as the road starts in one hamlet and dead-ends in the other.


This should be any road that ranks lower than a tertiary, but has predominantly houses. Speed limit generally 25-35. Note TIGER inputs screwed up and added a lot of residentials, lots of these could convert to unclassifieds. This should also be used instead of highway=service for access to residential roads.

(Unmaintained) Tracks

This should be an extremely minor and narrow dirt road (i.e. jeep trail) through an undeveloped property or agricultural/logging use road. Doesn't necessarily have public access. Add tracktype.

Pedestrian streets vs. Foot Paths

Pedestrian streets should only occur in downtown areas, theme parks, and should be as wide as a one-way road at least. See St. Augustine's downtown area for a good example. Foot Paths should be anything else.

Living streets


Service Roads

Any road that is primarily used for access/parking.

(Originally made December 5th, redone July 6th)

Swamp Classifications

See here.


Tag leisure=courtyard I see people use deprecated "common" so I think courtyard should be better. Use the proposal Proposed features/courtyard

Everything else

This is currently empty.