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Alabama, United States

latitude: 32.605, longitude: -86.682
Browse map of Alabama 32°36′18.00″ N, 86°40′55.20″ W
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Alabama is a state in the United States at latitude 32°36′18.00″ North, longitude 86°40′55.20″ West.


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Main article: Alabama/Highway Relations

Classification guide available at Alabama/Alabama Highways

Route Reference tagging

Way refs

for ways that are part of a route, tag the ref=* key as so:

For state routes, use AL instead of SR

For ways with a single route, add the code corresponding to the route, examples: I 85 ,US 29 ,AL 14 ,CR 72

For ways with multiple routes, separate them by a semicolon, in order of the route number ascending. example: AL 5;AL 25

From left to right, add the highest network first, then descend. example: I 20;I 59;US 11;AL 5

Relation refs

for route relations, the ref=* key should ONLY contain the route number. for alternate roads, such as truck or business roads, add the modifier in the modifier=* key.


Alabama has 67 counties.

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County name FIPS
County seat OSM relation Notes
Autauga County 10001 Prattville 1848758 (i J)  
Baldwin County 10003 Bay Minette 1848759 (i J)  
Barbour County 10005 Clayton 1850797 (i J)  
Bibb County 10007 Centreville 1848760 (i J)  
Blount County 10009 Oneonta 1848761 (i J)  
Bullock County 10011 Union Springs 1850798 (i J)  
Butler County 10013 Greenville 1848762 (i J)  
Calhoun County 10015 Anniston 1848855 (i J)  
Chambers County 10017 LaFayette 1850799 (i J)  
Cherokee County 10019 Centre 1848856 (i J)  
Chilton County 10021 Clanton 1848763 (i J)  
Choctaw County 10023 Butler 1848764 (i J)  
Clarke County 10025 Grove Hill 1848765 (i J)  
Clay County 10027 Ashland 1850800 (i J)  
Cleburne County 10029 Heflin 1848857 (i J)  
Coffee County 10031 Elba and Enterprise 1850801 (i J)  
Colbert County 10033 Tuscumbia 1848766 (i J)  
Conecuh County 10035 Evergreen 1848767 (i J)  
Coosa County 10037 Rockford 1850802 (i J)  
Covington County 10039 Andalusia 1848768 (i J)  
Crenshaw County 10041 Luverne 1848769 (i J)  
Cullman County 10043 Cullman 1848770 (i J)  
Dale County 10045 Ozark 1850803 (i J)  
Dallas County 10047 Selma 1848771 (i J)  
DeKalb County 10049 Fort Payne 1848858 (i J)  
Elmore County 10051 Wetumpka 1848772 (i J)  
Escambia County 10053 Brewton 1848773 (i J)  
Etowah County 10055 Gadsden 1848774 (i J)  
Fayette County 10057 Fayette 1848775 (i J)  
Franklin County 10059 Russellville 1848776 (i J)  
Geneva County 10061 Geneva 1848777 (i J)  
Greene County 10063 Eutaw 1848778 (i J)  
Hale County 10065 Greensboro 1848779 (i J)  
Henry County 10067 Abbeville 1850804 (i J)  
Houston County 10069 Dothan 1848780 (i J)  
Jackson County 10071 Scottsboro 1848859 (i J)  
Jefferson County 10073 Birmingham 1848781 (i J) 1st most populated county,
1st most dense county
Lamar County 10075 Vernon 1848782 (i J)  
Lauderdale County 10077 Florence 1848783 (i J)  
Lawrence County 10079 Moulton 1848784 (i J)  
Lee County 10081 Opelika 1850805 (i J)  
Limestone County 10083 Athens 1848785 (i J)  
Lowndes County 10085 Hayneville 1848786 (i J)  
Macon County 10087 Tuskegee 1850806 (i J)  
Madison County 10089 Huntsville 1848787 (i J) 3rd most populated county,
2nd most dense county
Marengo County 10091 Linden 1848788 (i J)  
Marion County 10093 Hamilton 1848789 (i J)  
Marshall County 10095 Guntersville 1848790 (i J)  
Mobile County 10097 Mobile 1848791 (i J) 2nd most populated county,
3rd most dense county
Monroe County 10099 Monroeville 1848792 (i J)  
Montgomery County 10101 Montgomery 1848793 (i J) State capital,
4th most populated county,
4th most dense county
Morgan County 10103 Decatur 1848794 (i J)  
Perry County 10105 Marion 1848795 (i J)  
Pickens County 10107 Carrollton 1848796 (i J)  
Pike County 10109 Troy 1850807 (i J)  
Randolph County 10111 Wedowee 1850808 (i J)  
Russell County 10113 Phenix City 1850809 (i J)  
Saint Clair County 10115 Ashville and Pell City 1848797 (i J)  
Shelby County 10117 Columbiana 1850810 (i J)  
Sumter County 10119 Livingston 1848798 (i J)  
Talladega County 10121 Talladega 1850811 (i J)  
Tallapoosa County 10123 Dadeville 1850812 (i J)  
Tuscaloosa County 10125 Tuscaloosa 1848799 (i J)  
Walker County 10127 Jasper 1848800 (i J)  
Washington County 10129 Chatom 1848801 (i J)  
Wilcox County 10131 Camden 1848802 (i J)  
Winston County 10133 Double Springs 1848803 (i J)  

National Recreation Trails

The goal of this is to track the progress of relation mapping of the national recreation trails in the state.

Trail Name Relation Length (mi) Type
Alabama Scenic River Trail relation 14222682 5300 paddling No-Symbol.svg
Alabama State Lands Bartram Canoe Trail relation 14221280 154 paddling Yes check.svg
Autauga Creek Canoe Trail relation 14221009 13 paddling Yes check.svg
Bartram Trail relation 13831363 8.5 hiking Yes check.svg
Bethel Creek Recreational Preserve Trail relation 14219620 1.8 hiking Yes check.svg
Blevins Gap Nature Preserve Trail relation 14219605 10.5 hiking Yes check.svg
Chapman Mountain Recreational Preserve Trail relation 14219578 10 hiking Yes check.svg
Chattahoochee Valley Railroad Trail relation 9721725 7 bicycle Yes check.svg
Chewacla State Park Trails relation 14219564 23 bicycle Yes check.svg
Chief Ladiga Trail relation 326630 33 bicycle Yes check.svg
Citronelle Walking Trail relation 14219474 2 walking Yes check.svg
City of Foley Antique Rose Trail relation 14219472 1.5 walking Yes check.svg
Dauphin Island Audubon Bird Sanctuary Trail relation 14219463 3 walking Yes check.svg
Desoto State Park Trails relation 14219456 19 hiking Yes check.svg
Doc Hilt Trails relation 14193532 15 ATV Yes check.svg
Doug Ghee Accessible Trail relation 14193512 .3 walking Yes check.svg
Eastern Shore Trail relation 1783202 22 bicycle Yes check.svg
Florala Lake Jackson Scenic Trail relation 14192374 1.4 walking Yes check.svg
George Ward Park relation 14192277 1.5 walking Yes check.svg
Goose Pond Nature and Walking Trail relation 14192260 2 walking Yes check.svg
Green Mountain Recreational Trails relation 14192251 13 hiking Yes check.svg
Harvest Square Preserve Trails relation 14192174 2.3 walking Yes check.svg
Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail relation 14192160 28 walking Yes check.svg
Lake Guntersville State Park Trails relation 14192130 36 hiking Yes check.svg
Lake Lurleen State Park Trails relation 14192109 9.5 hiking Yes check.svg
Larry and Ronna Dykes Trail relation 14192099 3.3 walking Yes check.svg
Limestone County Canoe and Kayak Trails relation 6941797 21.9 paddling Yes check.svg
Minooka Park Trails relation 14191160 25 ATV Yes check.svg
Monte Sano Nature Preserve Trails relation 14191115 20 hiking Yes check.svg
Montevallo Greenway Trail relation 14185946 2 biking Yes check.svg
Muscle Shoals relation 14185932 12 biking Yes check.svg
Oak Mountain Red Trail relation 14185837 25 biking Yes check.svg
Phenix City Riverwalk relation 14179688 1.2 walking Yes check.svg
Pinhoti Trail relation 1642836 335 hiking Yes check.svg
Queen City Park Trail relation 14179632 1.1 walking Yes check.svg
Richard Martin Trail relation 6901304 10.2 walking Yes check.svg
Scottsboro City Park Trail relation 14179621 .7 walking Yes check.svg
Smith Lake Park Trails relation 14179514 3 walking Yes check.svg
Sokol Park Mountain Bike Trails relation 14179382 11 biking Yes check.svg
Sportsman Lake Trails relation 14171735 5 biking Yes check.svg
Stony Lonesome OHV Park Trails relation 14171730 150 ATV Yes check.svg
Sunset Drive Trail relation 14161092 3.6 walking Yes check.svg
Swan Creek Greenway Trail relation 1668257 2.3 walking Yes check.svg
Talledega Outdoor Park Trails relation 14161033 50 ATV Yes check.svg
Tannehill Tramway Trail relation 14219624 1 walking Yes check.svg
Forever Wild Coldwater Mountain Trail relation 14154881 32 biking Yes check.svg
Coon Creek Trail relation 14134180 3 hiking Yes check.svg
Forever Wild Freedom Hills Trails relation 14134178 7.8 riding Yes check.svg
Forever Wild Shoal Creek Trails relation 6971300 6.3 hiking Yes check.svg
Forever Wild Walls of Jericho Trails relation 14134089 3.2 hiking Yes check.svg
Wehle Forever Wild Trails relation 14221067 7 riding Yes check.svg
Turkey Creek Nature Preserve Trails relation 14110307 2.8 hiking Yes check.svg
Veterans Park Trail relation 14106224 4.8 biking Yes check.svg
Village Preserve Park Trails relation 14106065 1 walking Yes check.svg
Wade Mountain Nature Preserve Trails relation 14106051 7.4 hiking Yes check.svg
Wind Creek State Park Trails relation 14084370 5 hiking Yes check.svg
Yoholo Micco Trail relation 14079414 2.5 biking Yes check.svg

National Recreation Trails in Alabama

Public Lands



  • Alabama's Open Data Site – State GIS data which has no license – park boundaries, trails, and more. Good data source.

Wildlife Managment Areas

Name Relation County
Charles D. Kelley relation 13470537 Autauga
Barbour relation 14083437 Barbour
Coosa relation 13478551 Coosa
David K. Nelson relation 14083479 Greene
Freedom Hills relation 14086593 Colbert
Grand Bay Savanna relation 14091449 Mobile
Crow Creek relation 14091450 Jackson
Raccoon Creek relation 14096390 Jackson
Mud Creek relation 14096401 Jackson
James D. Martin Skyline relation 14103187 Jackson
Lauderdale relation 14110903 Lauderdale
Lowndes relation 14113811 Lowndes
Mobile-Tensaw Delta relation 14114185 Baldwin
W. L. Holland relation 14114406 Baldwin
Mulberry Fork relation 14116834 Tuscaloosa
Sam R. Murphy relation 14116846 Marion
Peridido River relation 14116881 Baldwin
Seven Mile Island relation 14121192 Lauderdale
Swan Creek relation 14121197 Limestone
Mallard-Fox Creek relation 14126059 Lawrence
Upper Delta relation 14126097 Baldwin
William R. Ireland Sr. relation 14129578 Bibb
Yates Lake relation 14129717 Elmore

Potential Data Sources