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United States
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Alabama, United States
latitude: 32.605, longitude: -86.682
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Alabama is a state in the United States at latitude 32°36′18.00″ North, longitude 86°40′55.20″ West.

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Main article: Alabama/Highway Relations


Alabama has 67 counties.

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County name FIPS
County seat OSM relation Notes
Autauga County 10001 Prattville 1848758 (i J P h a m G X)  
Baldwin County 10003 Bay Minette 1848759 (i J P h a m G X)  
Barbour County 10005 Clayton 1850797 (i J P h a m G X)  
Bibb County 10007 Centreville 1848760 (i J P h a m G X)  
Blount County 10009 Oneonta 1848761 (i J P h a m G X)  
Bullock County 10011 Union Springs 1850798 (i J P h a m G X)  
Butler County 10013 Greenville 1848762 (i J P h a m G X)  
Calhoun County 10015 Anniston 1848855 (i J P h a m G X)  
Chambers County 10017 LaFayette 1850799 (i J P h a m G X)  
Cherokee County 10019 Centre 1848856 (i J P h a m G X)  
Chilton County 10021 Clanton 1848763 (i J P h a m G X)  
Choctaw County 10023 Butler 1848764 (i J P h a m G X)  
Clarke County 10025 Grove Hill 1848765 (i J P h a m G X)  
Clay County 10027 Ashland 1850800 (i J P h a m G X)  
Cleburne County 10029 Heflin 1848857 (i J P h a m G X)  
Coffee County 10031 Elba and Enterprise 1850801 (i J P h a m G X)  
Colbert County 10033 Tuscumbia 1848766 (i J P h a m G X)  
Conecuh County 10035 Evergreen 1848767 (i J P h a m G X)  
Coosa County 10037 Rockford 1850802 (i J P h a m G X)  
Covington County 10039 Andalusia 1848768 (i J P h a m G X)  
Crenshaw County 10041 Luverne 1848769 (i J P h a m G X)  
Cullman County 10043 Cullman 1848770 (i J P h a m G X)  
Dale County 10045 Ozark 1850803 (i J P h a m G X)  
Dallas County 10047 Selma 1848771 (i J P h a m G X)  
DeKalb County 10049 Fort Payne 1848858 (i J P h a m G X)  
Elmore County 10051 Wetumpka 1848772 (i J P h a m G X)  
Escambia County 10053 Brewton 1848773 (i J P h a m G X)  
Etowah County 10055 Gadsden 1848774 (i J P h a m G X)  
Fayette County 10057 Fayette 1848775 (i J P h a m G X)  
Franklin County 10059 Russellville 1848776 (i J P h a m G X)  
Geneva County 10061 Geneva 1848777 (i J P h a m G X)  
Greene County 10063 Eutaw 1848778 (i J P h a m G X)  
Hale County 10065 Greensboro 1848779 (i J P h a m G X)  
Henry County 10067 Abbeville 1850804 (i J P h a m G X)  
Houston County 10069 Dothan 1848780 (i J P h a m G X)  
Jackson County 10071 Scottsboro 1848859 (i J P h a m G X)  
Jefferson County 10073 Birmingham 1848781 (i J P h a m G X) 1st most populated county,
1st most dense county
Lamar County 10075 Vernon 1848782 (i J P h a m G X)  
Lauderdale County 10077 Florence 1848783 (i J P h a m G X)  
Lawrence County 10079 Moulton 1848784 (i J P h a m G X)  
Lee County 10081 Opelika 1850805 (i J P h a m G X)  
Limestone County 10083 Athens 1848785 (i J P h a m G X)  
Lowndes County 10085 Hayneville 1848786 (i J P h a m G X)  
Macon County 10087 Tuskegee 1850806 (i J P h a m G X)  
Madison County 10089 Huntsville 1848787 (i J P h a m G X) 3rd most populated county,
2nd most dense county
Marengo County 10091 Linden 1848788 (i J P h a m G X)  
Marion County 10093 Hamilton 1848789 (i J P h a m G X)  
Marshall County 10095 Guntersville 1848790 (i J P h a m G X)  
Mobile County 10097 Mobile 1848791 (i J P h a m G X) 2nd most populated county,
3rd most dense county
Monroe County 10099 Monroeville 1848792 (i J P h a m G X)  
Montgomery County 10101 Montgomery 1848793 (i J P h a m G X) State capital,
4th most populated county,
4th most dense county
Morgan County 10103 Decatur 1848794 (i J P h a m G X)  
Perry County 10105 Marion 1848795 (i J P h a m G X)  
Pickens County 10107 Carrollton 1848796 (i J P h a m G X)  
Pike County 10109 Troy 1850807 (i J P h a m G X)  
Randolph County 10111 Wedowee 1850808 (i J P h a m G X)  
Russell County 10113 Phenix City 1850809 (i J P h a m G X)  
Saint Clair County 10115 Ashville and Pell City 1848797 (i J P h a m G X)  
Shelby County 10117 Columbiana 1850810 (i J P h a m G X)  
Sumter County 10119 Livingston 1848798 (i J P h a m G X)  
Talladega County 10121 Talladega 1850811 (i J P h a m G X)  
Tallapoosa County 10123 Dadeville 1850812 (i J P h a m G X)  
Tuscaloosa County 10125 Tuscaloosa 1848799 (i J P h a m G X)  
Walker County 10127 Jasper 1848800 (i J P h a m G X)  
Washington County 10129 Chatom 1848801 (i J P h a m G X)  
Wilcox County 10131 Camden 1848802 (i J P h a m G X)  
Winston County 10133 Double Springs 1848803 (i J P h a m G X)  


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Public Lands



  • Alabama's Open Data Site – State GIS data which has no license – park boundaries, trails, and more. Good data source.